Wednesday, July 16, 2014


It's time....

to do what exactly I'm not sure yet. But I can feel a big change coming.

My mom's cremains were delivered last Friday. I have to divide them up among family members. And I'm going to bring some to her father's grave and plant them there with some flowers. Pansies most likely - mom loved when they came back year after year as Johnny Jump-ups. Their happy little faces all over the place.

My words just aren't coming out this morning....I just know I'm on edge. Work, life, everything seems like it needs to be jumbled up, sorted out and rearranged.

We'll see how it goes...

Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day

I'm still mulling this over in my mind, but I'm thinking about heading to Cooperstown/Hartwick area to plant some flowers at my Grandfather's grave. His name was Dannie "Boone" Weir and he was born on the same day as me but died 4 years before I was born in a tragic car accident. My Great-Grandparents and some of his siblings are buried there as well. We still don't have my Mom's cremains - she donated her body to the Anatomical Gift Program at SUNY Upstate Medical Center and is apparently being very helpful! As always! My Grandmother and Yankee both did the same, but their cremains came back within 6-9 months.

It may be a drive around and visit places that we used to go to....I really miss my Mom and our adventures. Her Geo Metro could climb mountains! Monday may be memory day for me and trying to honor my Mom and her life.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Canal Trail from Little Falls!

Bike Ready - Check!, Canal is out there (kinda high) - Check!, My legs are ready - Check!
Water Falls - that don't normally exist off the trail - we've had a lot of rain!
We don't usually have to go through running water on the trail.
Used to be able to walk through where that water is coming from - it used to be a small trail.
Made it to Mindenville - but realized the old trail was no longer there - at least the part that went across the stream that must have become a river. This happened last I'll have to go again soon and investigate the rest of the changes.
The clouds are coming, the rain was coming and the headwinds were brutal. But...It took me about 10 minutes of riding to get back to the blue skies and sunshine.
See! Blue skies and only 2 miles left...
Same view but now you can see the trail! Gorgeous day. Glad I went. 19 miles down! Yeah!

On way home.

Wind and rain were not my friends!
But I used stick-to-it-iveness to do it! New word!

Canal trail

Holy moley bad picture! But great canal ride day!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Canal Trail - I'm starting over...

A few years ago I used to ride the Erie Canal Trail all the time and post pictures of it. Well I fell out of the habit in a hard way and with the new bike I'm at it again. Thursday night I rode (with my friend LM) 9.82 miles on the trail from Whitesboro/Marcy to Utica and back. The bugs were amazing! LOL - hair, ears, eyes - they got in everywhere! This morning I decided to head out again but I started in Utica - the trail ends there heading east until you get to Herkimer area (there may be a few little bits and pieces open). And actually Little Falls is where it really opens up all the way to Albany. So I went to Utica, hopped on my new bike and headed west. I got to meet Bill Kardas, our local weatherman from WKTV and his dog Buddy at the beginning of the ride - then I went to business and pushed myself. There were times when 17MPH and 15MPH felt great and others when 9-10MPH was all I could do. The wind was pretty strong and changeable so it wasn't easy at times. But I rode all the way to Oriskany - took a short water break and rode back. It felt fantastic. that I'm "back in the saddle" I'll start posting from on the trail. Happy Mom's day!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Bike, New Adventures

I finally got a new bike, the weather hasn't cooperated much, neither has my breathing but I've managed a short ride. Got a Neko SL by Trek. It's got the front end suspension when I'm riding the bumpy canal trail and other off road trails, but I can switch it off when I'm on the road, helping me to speed it up a little. And I just checked the weather and it looks like Saturday and Sunday will be great for a ride. Woo Hoo! Going to CT&TT's house on Saturday afternoon - for fun - TT is going to change my tires out for me - RB may come over too. I may vacuum out my car and then fix CT's computer, make chicken BBQ pizza - and just have fun. :) Life is good! Should have a video and picture uploaded to the site - depending on how slow my internet is. Gracie is having a wonderful time on the canal trail and the other was just an awesome picture of Birch trees.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Adventure

Adventure Day - January 21, 2014 It was a surprise for me from RB - Make sure that I was dressed warm and wore my winter/hiking boots. We went to Bald Mountain in the Town of Webb, in the Adirondacks. It.Was.Incredible! Best.Surprise.Ever! I've wanted to go up there for the past year and it just always seemed to be too wet, too hot, too cold. LOL it was -10 (yes minus) when we went up but it was fantastic. I sweated my butt off! There was no wind so it was perfect.
The sign at the base of the Trail.

Bundled up, but starting to be way too warm!

First glimpse of the frozen lakes.

There is something about blue sky and snowy trees.

My favorite view of the Rondaxe Fire Tower

Beautiful view of the chain of lakes to the North

I climbed to the top of the Fire Tower - holding on so tight the whole way. This is the trail we followed, at time crawling and praying we wouldn't go sliding where we didn't belong.

From the tower, looking to the east.

From the tower - looking down the side of the mountain. Not really a smart idea!

Awesome tree - showing the strength of the sculpting winds.

From the fire tower looking to the south.

Heading back down the mountain - loved these three trees.

Trees dressed for a winter ball!

This part of the trail was scary - long way to fall on the one side and ice and snow causing a little instability. It was fun though.

More trees dressed for the winter ball!

Light and Shadow through the trees.
This was such a wonderful day in so many ways. I really loved it and there was no one else on the trail and that made it even more special. We slid down certain parts - was a blast. I was a little hesitant at first on some of the hike, afraid I would fall, but I got more sure footed as we went. My Christmas boots from RB a few years back are awesome. Thank you RB for a wonderful adventure day!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Season

I'll admit that I was dreading the holidays this year. Thanksgiving used to be one of my Mom's favorite holidays but her sister passed away right after Thanksgiving about 15 years ago and then my grandmother did and it's just been a rough time of year. So this year with my Mom gone I just didn't know what to expect. Thanksgiving turned out to be quite nice. Had dinner at my brother, Dan's house, with his wife and kids and my younger brother, Doug, was there with his wife and one of their kids. Dan's in-laws were there too. I made Mom's stuffing (to the letter - I could feel her presence), I also made 2 apple pies as well like mom used to make. It was a good day and it felt good to be with everyone. Gracie even made an appearance and got to play with all of the kids and get petted, scratched and run like a lunatic. She loves people.

So after getting through that I decided I could handle decorating my house. Mom was with me the whole time - I had Kenny G's Christmas music on and just hummed or sang along with his awesome sax playing, cleaned the house as well! And yesterday I had a small party here and worked on cleaning up last minute stuff as well as getting food ready - what a wonderful day. I was smiling ear to ear all day - by myself without a care in the world.

A lot of this has to do with RB too. He's such a rock in my crazy, stressed world and I love him for it. He makes me laugh, think (and rethink), and feel so loved and cared for! That means the world to me.

So....Merry Christmas! May God give you what you need to make this season special and meaningful and not stressful.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

My favorite time of year

And it's been so incredibly beautiful. Cold/Cool nights and warm days - high 60's low 70's, perfect for everything. I'm just hoping it stays that way for my friend Mel, coming from California. We don't have any set plans, but lots of ideas - we'll see where it takes us!

Today was a clean up day - inside and out. First time I've really felt like doing it in a very long time. Funny how loss messes with you. After living here for almost 4 years without Mom, I'm finally starting to make more permanent changes and getting rid of things that Mom put out. Not that I don't like them, it's just not me. I can't get rid of them yet, just putting them away. The shed has been cleaned up and re-organized, the snow blower is ready for some action, the mower will probably only be used one more time this year and be put to the back. The weigela, hydrangea and some of the other bushes out front have been trimmed. It was starting to look like a jungle.

The freezer is full of containers of water (soon to be ice), we've found with camping that the huge chunks work much better than the small cubes - and it's cheap! Plus I've always got ice for the cooler. It's taken me a month to finally refill the containers and put them in the freezer. Almost all of the laundry is done - had to wash all the sheets from when the Aussie girls were here. Going to make the guest bed up with fleece sheets for Mel - want to make sure her California blood doesn't freeze! Plus there is nothing quite like fleece sheets when it's cold out - they are so soft and comfy! Going to put them on my bed too!

RB and I did some cleaning at his house - removed lots of cans and bottles! $33 worth! He is so good and had everything sorted and boxed - made the redemption center lady very happy. Gracie - aka GDoggy - is doing great. She's a funny, smart, stubborn, awesome doggy. She and Einstein are working on getting to know each other. Einstein has had dogs in his life before, so Gracie is just another beasty to him. He puts up with her and will jump on the couch between Grace and I so that he can snuggle with me, and while it doesn't bother him - it drives Gracie nuts. She is so very jealous of any creature who gets my attention. But Einstein just thumps her and stays put. Henry has no idea what to do, so he runs - and that is an invitation to Gracie to chase. LOL - they will never learn. Gracie did give RB and I, a heart attack the other day. She decided that the hallway gate was not a thing to stop her anymore. This was at RB's house - so she jumped it and went upstairs. Well Bob the cat is up there and hasn't really dealt with there being a dog in the house, so when RB went to look for Gracie and found Bob just sitting there he assumed that Gracie wasn't upstairs and he wasn't hearing her tags so thought that maybe she had somehow gotten outside. He searched all over - and I had been on the phone with him when he first realized she wasn't to be found. Then we hung up and about 20 minutes later he called - "I need your help, I can't find her" - I flew there and when I got to his house his truck was there. He had just found her. He had gone all over the neighborhood asking if anyone had seen a little brown dog - but kept going back to thinking she had to be in the house. Well - she was! She had gone into his closet and hidden from him - He was really worried about her and calling for her and she must have thought it was a "bad girl" call because she never came out. Bob didn't seem to care that there was a dog in her midst (yes Bob is actually Roberta). So RB and I were true parents - telling Gracie never to do it again - hugging her and then buying her a big new bone to chew on and a new tag for her new collar. It will be riveted to her collar because her old one is unreadable as she's chewed at it so much.

I'm all over the place today! Lots of things on my mind and just in a mood to let it out.

Took my second NextGen Certified Professional test yesterday - so I've passed the SCT (system configuration training) and EPM (electronic patient management) pieces so I'm an NCP (NextGen Certified Professional) in the EPM and am going to go for the NCP in the EHR portion too. My head may explode - but it will help me if I am in need of another job!

I think that's it for now - well almost. I've been dealing with DeQuervains syndrome in my right thumb aka "gamers" thumb for almost 6 months. Tried the NSAID route - that didn't work, tried the steroid shot (it helped kind of but the pain was ridiculous) so now at the end of October I'll have surgery. I hope that this does work, because this is one of the most painful things I've dealt with in a long time. We'll see!

Ok - now I think I'm done. I've written a small novel! :) There is a squirrel outside that is asking for a shot of the hose! He's making a horrid mess with the black walnuts! UGH!

Happy Fall!