Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fourth Lake...

I'm very fortunate to have met some wonderful people. I worked for a local company for years and through them met this great lady named Sue - we became fast friends and very much enjoyed each others company. She retired while I still went to her old place of work to fix their machines. I also help her and her husband out with their computers at times as well. She invited me up to their camp on Fourth Lake a few times over the years and I've just never gone up until this year...I can't believe I waited so long. What a beautiful camp and great hospitality. Their son even brought me to the Moose River Plains in his new jeep to break it in a bit and we went for a couple of small hikes to look for moose! It was cool!
Sunrise on 4th Lake
Sunrise and fog....beautiful early morning
Sunrise on 4th Lake near Inlet

This is the closest we got to finding a moose! We just missed him by mere hours!