Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Camelot at the Stanley

It should be a great show. I'll write more on it later!

It was a fantastic show and I'm sorry it took me so long to remark on it. I was bummed to learn later that if I had looked for my friend Kelly - I might have been able to meet King Arthur - who Kelly said was a sweetheart. Bummer!

The Stanley Theatre is a jewel!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Footprints on the Dock

Footprints on the Dock
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I went for a small road trip today - headed to Cooperstown. There is something about going down Cat Town Road, up Bed Bug Hill and down Route 28 to Cooperstown that just makes me feel good. It was cold today, but the sun was shining and the picture taking was awesome! I was floored by all the people on Canadarago Lake ice fishing! Hundreds of people - it was really cool!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Players of Utica

This is the best local show I have ever seen. The music is live and fantastic, the theatre is small and intimate, the talent was phenomenal.

So - if you want to do something fun and crazy - go to the show , they even have a list of approved props you can bring. There were a number of people in the audience who had the toilet paper, confetti, bells, noisemakers, cards, newspapers. And the people who knew the 'questions and statements' to make while the narrator was talking - that was hysterical! I was basically a 'virgin' to the show as the last and only time I saw it was 26 years ago and I don't remember much about it, but I knew what to expect. The people next to me had never seen it and LOVED it too!

Utica has a ton to offer! Remember that and take a look at the Players of Utica site to see what's coming up. And the Stanley Volunteers have a murder mystery coming up too! I'll post more on that as I learn more.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

January **updated

I've been dreaming about bicycling. I want to be on the canal trail, but I simply don't have what Jill Homer has, at least not yet. So I have decided that I'm going to try using a trainer - specifically a Graber MAG Trainer - in my living room. I really want to go on 100 + mile rides this spring and summer and honestly by the time I work on the much needed butt callouses the season is winding down. So, in comes the trainer - I'm putting it together tomorrow and bringing in my bike (without getting the tires in the snow - that should be fun) and riding as long as I can - every day. I did think about getting rollers - but honestly - I'd like to not crash my bike in my own house. **UPDATE - not happy with the trainer - it's missing a very important bolt and L shaped hex key - come on!!!! - I have to call them and see what I can do now.

The next step is getting a computer to hook up to my rear tire so that I can track my mileage - my computer now is hooked up on the front wheel and of course since that won't be moving I won't have a clue as to how far I've gone. And I figure I'll get to watch a lot of movies this way and I won't be bothering anyone by having a bicycle in my living room.

I think that I now have someone (Katie - and little does she know what she is in for with me) to hike and possibly snowshoe with. Of course we are both newbies - but I do have GPS and an iPhone so I (hopefully) won't get lost. I just have to figure out some good beginners trails in the area. Any ideas?

Happy riding - and think Spring!

Friday, January 1, 2010

I'm home...

I planned on taking pictures and blogging as I drove. The best intentions. But after only going 603 miles on Wednesday - I knew I had 945 miles to go on Thursday. Well I did it. And I'll never do it again. I'm exhausted - no doubt about it. I do have laryngitis, it started Sunday with a gruff voice, but went much farther. It's not pretty...and I went to the doctor - supposed to not talk. Wonderful...LOL

So - I drove 3000 miles to Texas and back. There are some very beautiful places between the two, but I'll still stick to upstate New York.

Happy New Year! I hope that it's a good, prosperous and peaceful one for you!