Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I said I wouldn't Gripe but....

My car is in sore need of an alignment, thanks to the road conditions in Utica. I know that everyone is hurting from the financial crisis - but holy moley the pot holes are HUGE! Not only are they huge and you have to dodge them, but you also have to dodge the cars that are dodging pot holes coming at you or in the lane next to you. Culver Ave has some doozies, especially by the Nice-n-Easy and right where the parkway splits at Genesee street - East bound is one that takes up the whole left lane. The funny thing is that I am noticing quite a few on Sunset Ave - that was just resurfaced last summer - makes you wonder if the low bid is worth it. The Parkway - down towards MVCC is bad...and it just had a major resurfacing a few years ago and fixing up after that.

I once had a boss who liked to say "Once over lightly" - he didn't want to fix the cause and certainly not do it right - he just wanted it to look fixed. Well - the city and a lot of companies do the same thing - gloss over the problem but by the time they do it "once over lightly" 10 times it could have been fixed right once and probably for less money!

Ok - so now that I've griped - I still love Utica - it's just that my car hates the roads! :)

Spring is coming soon!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


My mom just spent 3 days at Buffalo Women's and Children's hospital. They did an EEG for her entire stay - they use glue - not easy to get out of thick long hair.

But - here is the answer - finally.

Mom has epilepsy - most likely caused by TIA's, Strokes, IVP Dye, and Coils placed in aneurysm, the brain can just handle so much damage. But she also has anxiety attacks - which seem so much more scary. But now that we know, it is like mom is a new person. She is dealing with it all pretty well and seems happier.

So, now that we have anwers, life is going on. I am going to try and make camping plans ahead of time (instead of last minute). And Valentines day is going to be a fun day of making others smile with declarations of "Happy Valentines Day!"