Monday, June 28, 2010


I had never heard of this place until this summer. I went there camping with RB and met a bunch of his friends - that are becoming my friends as we get to know each other better. I had been told (warned) - this is not camping like Sampson where I had access to toilets that flush and showers with hot water - there would be a box (maybe) with a seat on it (more like a hole) and no showers - just the lake. I was game for it...why not? 

Some facts about Stillwater - 
"The Reservoir was originally flooded in 1876 to facilitate the logging industry by allowing logs to be floated down the Beaver River. There were three takings here by the state, the second in 1882 and the last in 1922 which is when the current dam was built. Presently the primary purpose for the reservoir is flood control for the Black River Valley. The dam houses a hydro electric facility which runs based on water supply. The reservoir has been managed by The Hudson River Black River Regulating Authority since 1922.
The reservoir currently has about 128 miles of shoreline and 6,700 lake acres. There are many islands but camping is permitted only on a selected few in order to preserve the pristine beauty of the area. There are a total of 46 designated campsites. However, camping is permitted elsewhere provided you are 150 feet off the high water mark. The water depth varies greatly with many stumps and shoals hidden slightly under the surface of the water so boaters beware but fisherman's delight.

Our trip from the boat launch to the campsite was an adventure for sure. We had a small boat and had to put our stuff in a canoe and tow it - the wind and waves were not our friends. But RB is strong and knows what he is doing and got us where we needed to go with a small detour. 
The campsite was on an island - there were 3 sites on this particular island, two were being used by people that all know each other - our group and another - but the third was empty. This was fantastic because the dogs were able to run and roam and enjoy the woods without dealing with leashes. We had a little beach too - which as of today was a lot smaller - they had so much rain last night that the lake rose a foot.  That's a lot in one night. 

I learned how to fish this past weekend too - I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did but it was pretty awesome. I didn't keep anything I caught. We let them go to get a little bigger.  On Saturday night though we did have a fresh fish fry - it was fantastic - they guys do the cooking. They clean and coat the fish and fry them up - so good. And they made fresh french fries - nice and crispy. Really good food. 

RB and I explored a lot of areas - places that we want to try camping at up there some time this summer - it's such a beautiful and unspoiled place. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Purple Smoke Tree

It's getting really big this year and I've had many people walk by and admire it.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Saturday

Good Morning! The sun is shining, the doves are cooing, birds are chirping and the day is going to get hot! My schedule has been such that I've not been able to get out for a ride. I hope that that will change soon, but we'll see. There is a lot going on in the Mohawk Valley - specifically Utica today! The Taste of Utica celebration is happening at Hanna Park today and I believe that Bo Bice from American Idol is singing tonight. That's pretty cool! Also the Deerfield Firemen's field days are happening up at the Deerfield fire house on Trenton Road. Not sure on the hours of those but they are fun things to do with friends and family.

I'm still working the two jobs, I have to admit that it's enjoyable. The outlet I get by helping people find what they want and saving them money in the mean time is awesome. When you smile at people and show that you are paying attention to them they get this whole new look on their faces and their whole demeanor changes. I like making people feel special, even if it's only for a few minutes. Plus it's a break from my other job where people get cranky about their broken computers and somehow it's my fault that it happened. LOL- that is amazing to me that a person can get their machine all balled up, whether it's viruses, deleting files, moving things, installing bad software, whatever - and it's my fault that I can't fix it in 3 minutes. Ah well - usually - not always, when I do get it straightened out then all is good and people are happy again.

Time to get ready for work. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bike rides...

I'm looking for some organized bike rides to do. The feeling of riding with all of those people and having 'competition' (it's really with myself, but I like to pretend I'm trying to catch up with someone) and having rest areas at good intervals - that appeals to me. I think I may look at doing the ride for MS, my friend Mel and Team Lobstercle are riding it again this year and I'd love to join them, but it's in California and I just don't have the money to ship my bike and all that. So - there are a few rides in NY, PA and NJ that I'm looking at. An adventure for sure.
So if you have any ideas - send them on!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

3:15 Hours

I did it! and not only did I make it the 40 miles - but I broke my fastest time by 45 minutes! WoW!!!

It was a heck of a ride - It was pouring when I woke up at 5:30 - so much so that I covered my head and slept till 6 and then talked to RB and realized that I had to get moving - that I was going to do this ride no matter what! On the way to Verona Beach there was a lull in the rain and I really thought that it was going to clear up - yeah - um NO! it poured when I got there. It poured in the first 40 minutes of the ride and then it got humid - but it was all good because it probably never got warmer than 65 degrees.

This ride had a lot of firsts for me. My canal ride is a wussy ride - I'll be honest. No hills - at least nothing that makes your lungs and heart feel like they are pounding out of your chest. This ride was hilly - but it forced me to face something that I hate - HILLS! But on the good side - I only walked up one -  and it was rather small but I did it because my hip was hurting - just walking those 40 feet made me right again and I pushed myself.

I got a wonderful surprise about 4 miles out - RB was waiting for me - He rode into Sylvan Beach and stayed there while I made my last mile fly. I was hitting 17mph on that little bit because I felt so good. Still can't believe how fast I went. Of course there wasn't any stone dust either for the trail - it was all pavement.

So thank you to all of you who donated and wished me luck! I really appreciate it. 62.5 miles next year!

Wet! LOL

Starting in 5 mins

Friday, June 4, 2010


My 40 mile ride is coming up this Sunday - for the American Diabetes association. I'm excited and nervous about it. I've only had two big rides this year - actually pretty much two rides period. The first was really good and quite the workout - the second was a 'snot' out! My allergies just about did me in. Sunday looks like it will be rainy and cool - but that is good because it will tamp down the pollen. The route is shown to the left - I had to open up google maps and look at it step by step. I can't believe that is 40 miles!  It isn't too late to donate - I hate asking but it would be nice to have a few more donations - it can be done anonymously if you want - all online and they do use security.  I'll try to get some pictures of before and after - RB is going to be there to cheer me on and maybe even sneak in a little riding. I've got the iMapMyRide app on my iPhone so I'm going to use that too - it'll be interesting what it says versus my computer - versus the ride organizers.  Wish me luck and fast legs!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I'm playing with a new app on my iPhone called Hipstamatic. It has
multiple lenses, flashes and film types and the pictures remind me of
old polaroids and pictures that I took with my tiny camera when I was
a kid. Neat app!!