Sunday, June 9, 2013

Random pictures

Little Woodhull Creek - before flooding

Very happy Gracie without a leash. She loves camp!

She is coming when called! Such a smart girl!

Flooded and lots of rain on memorial day weekend

Weigela flowers in full bloom

Henry spotting something interesting down the street

More Weigela flowers

Pretty purple dainty irises

it has it's own little face and happy smile

My mom's boots with lots of pansies in them!

Garden is planted and happy!

Handsome Einstein

Henry adjusting a pinwheel for me

Sunlight on ferns

How could you not love this sweet face? My Einstein
Random spring pictures from this spring (so far). Will be taking lots as RB gave me the most wonderful camera last year and I love using it.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


What a spring we have had in upstate New York! Many other states are dealing with bad weather and fires and floods - in upstate NY we deal with extremes!

Memorial Day weekend - was cold and wet with snow in way upstate - a whopping 30 inches of wet snow at Whiteface Mountain- The following pictures came from the Long Lake Facebook Page
Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway May 25, 2013
Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway May 25, 2013
Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway May 25, 2013  
Our plans were to spend the weekend at RB's camp up north but we only made it two nights. It was cold, wet and muddy. Couldn't stain the camp like we had hoped to, our friends came up CT and TT, but while they were game for anything it was just too much muck! LOL the good thing was there weren't any bugs - just lots of water and mud! The wood stove got a good work out. And when I got home on Sunday I had to turn on the heat as it was 50 degrees in my house.

Fast Forward to this weekend - hot hot hot hot hot! And while I'm not complaining about the heat - I've had enough humidity! My AC has been on for a few days now to keep the humidity down in here - can't sleep when I'm soaked. Just saying!

I've had the AC on twice already this year and the heat on in between - never have I done that before and I don't know that I've ever had the AC on so early in the year either. Ceiling fans usually take care of everything.

An update on my fitbit - it's worth it's weight in gold! I've climb 500 flights of stairs, walked 170 miles and over 100K steps so far since April 18th, I feel like I've accomplished so very much. Walking Gracie helps so very much - she doesn't like the heat but she's a trooper anyway.