Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall is here!

I'm really not sure where the summer went. Lots of adventures and fun times. Kayaking, camping at Stillwater twice (once cold and wet, the second time hot and dry), Forestport, walking with Gracie and the big one - changing jobs.

I was incredibly blessed to be able to find a new job to further my career here in Utica. I don't have the drive to Oneida every day now and can get to work in about 5 minutes if all the lights are red. At my old position it was stagnate - there was no where for me to go, but now in my new position there is room to grow and learn and I'm treated with respect. God is so very good.

Went on a day trip to NYC yesterday with KS. Bus trip through her work. She suggested that I do the online lottery before we got on the bus to see if I could get tickets to Something Rotten on Broadway. She also filled out the lottery too. Well, I figured I'd get tickets, not understanding how it all works. And I did - at 10:48am I received a text that I had won two free tickets and to respond Yes to save them. I responded YES! and since we were only a few blocks away we walked over and got in line to pick up our tickets. There was a couple ahead of us that didn't know what they wanted to do yet, so they let us ahead of them (very sweet) and I gave the gentleman my ID and told him how excited we were. KS talked up the show big time (she's seen it 2 times prior to yesterday) to the couple and pretty much talked them into it. I watched the mans face at the ticket booth and he was smiling and kept clicking - then he says to me - we've got two tickets in the first row, you'll have to look up, is that ok? I just laughed and said absolutely! For $35.00 each, we got fantastic seats and honestly I felt like I was making contact with the actors on stage throughout the entire show! It never has a lull - it's funny, so very funny and just a joyful thing to watch. KS and I also had pizza at John's Pizza next door to the St. James theater, it used to be an old baptist church and it's beautiful inside. The pizza is really good - thin and crunchy! After the show we went to Chevy's Mexican and had chips and salsa as well as Margaritas! YUM!

It was a great day and the people that we met everywhere were fantastic! Friendly, helpful and beautiful. It was cool and misty rain was falling, but it didn't dampen the day at all.

I hope you all have wonderful days and God blesses you fully!