Sunday, July 24, 2016


We are the fur Bradys, RB brought the girls, Gracie and Bob, and the boys came with me, Henry and Einstein. Gracie is the dog, the others are cats. And we are all getting along and enjoying our lives.

Our yard is wonderful...sometimes I lay in the grass - Henry lays down near my head, Gracie on me or next to's such a wonderful thing. The woods are so full of life. The rabbits are the most noticeable, but we've caught turkeys, raccoons, porcupines, skunks, deer, fox and coyotes on our game camera. So very cool, well except for the skunk, because Henry hasn't learned anything and has managed to get the house skunked and himself 3 times this summer.

RB built a bird feeder that is a very busy place. The birds seem to love it. Blue birds, cat birds, robins, Blue Jays, chickadees, and so many more come to visit. The squirrels are only in the woods so far - and I think that the cats are a good deterrent. Henry has been a killing machine, we shouldn't have a mouse or vole problem this year.

I've become very good friends with my neighbor across the street. She's an 82 year old fireball! Mrs. M - and I really enjoy her company and the stories she tells. This winter we'll be playing scrabble. She likes Gracie and has allowed her in the house.

Henry likes to join Grace and I on our walks, usually at night and sometimes rides on my shoulder as I'm walking - it's rather comical. And when Einstein joins us - I begin to feel like I'm the pied piper of animals.

I'm really happy....the move from living alone to being part of a family has been joyful. "we" is a beautiful word....