Wednesday, December 9, 2015


RB and I have a new home, it's not completely ready yet, but we should be in right before Christmas. :) I'm so very happy - we're going to be our own version of the Brady's - he's bringing Gracie and I'm bringing Einstein and Henry. We've been working our tails off. Pulled down the walls in the living, dining and master bedroom, put up sheetrock and everything is painted. RB put down a new floor in the living room and in the master tomorrow.

The house is a little smaller than RB's and a little larger than mine - but it has a Garage that is HUGE! I think that was the selling point for RB - he's in heaven out there. We won't be living in Utica, but very close.

My new job is going well. That's a good thing and it's so nice to work close to old and new home.

I'm so very Thankful for everything. God is good and I tell him thank you every day.

Pictures will follow...

Merry Christmas!