Thursday, April 19, 2012

A list...

So many things going on! It's a good thing, but it means that I'm a little scattered and a lot of thoughts.
  • Heading to California for a visit with my best friend from high school. Disneyland and a bike ride are on the agenda as well as dinner with her and friends of hers that I've met before! Exciting!
  • Possibly a second trip to California for a conference. THNC - Tribal Health NextGen Consortium. Could be a huge learning experience and I really hope that I can go. 
  • Camping - of course - what would summer be without some trips to the north country and Stillwater Reservoir.
  • Working with RB to get his second floor back in shape! LOL - it will take some work it's down to the studs and it's one big room that will hopefully be a bathroom and laundry room when it's done. Exciting! A blank slate!
  • Bike riding! 6 weeks before the 40 mile Tour de Cure - and it's sad, but haven't been on my bike yet. Weather on the weekends and just plain not thinking about it when I should be.
  • Work  - sorry it's on my mind! I've got a lot of data scrubbing to do - and I have to do it in an archaic system that is difficult at best.
  • Bus Announcements! LOL - where I work they have bus announcements for the employees to get the news of what is going on - a person gets a chance to record the announcements for an entire week. Well - on my second day in orientation I said that I wanted to do it. And now I get my chance! 
  • The garden! RB and I planted seeds on Saturday and had growth on Sunday! Holy cow! they are growing so fast - we planted a lot! and it's too cold to put it out yet - so it will be moved to pots and then to the ground in mid to late may! 
  • And of course the most important thing is spending time with my RB! That's the best thing out there. The adventures and excitement - even in the mundane and messy stuff!
Just a few things that are going on!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Martha Anne's photostream

Cattown RoadBed Bug Hill RoadOtsego LakeThe Susquehanna RiverClinton's DamArrow Pointing North
Southern End of Ostego LakeOtsego Lake Facing North WestOtsego LakeOtsego LakeOtsego LakeBlue and Clouds
blossomsblossoms in a rowBlossoms along the fenceblossoms bowing over fenceblossomsblossoms alone
Goose at Fly Creek Cider Mill100_5590100_5589100_5588100_5587100_5586

Some pictures I've taken over time...just thought that I would share.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oh Boy!

Well I did it. I have finally bought a new car - my Ford Focus wagon has done very well for's 9 years old and has 120,000 miles on it and has been to Texas two times and Nebraska at least once. Not to mention all the camping trips, Left Turn/Right turn trips, the "lets find covered bridges" trips, the Quilt Shop Hops, so many memories, both good and bad but it has been a good car.

I was really pretty sure I was going to get a Fiesta - I test drove one - it was okay but I was happy with my Focus so I thought that it would be a good idea. But then I went to Driver's Village in Syracuse - it's a huge auto mall of many different dealerships. I had thought that I wanted to test drive a Nissan Cube and was pretty sure that the Kia Soul would be okay - but didn't really like the looks of it on the outside. We parked near the Kia area and walked over to the Rio's and some of the other cars and then the Souls were there too. Dylan (the salesman) came out and asked if we needed help  -I said yes! I test drove the Kia Soul + and the plain jane Soul - the biggest difference is a 2.0 Liter engine versus a 1.6 Liter on the basic Soul. The both drove great - the Soul + was just a little better. Then I wanted to check out the Nissan Cube - my friend Mel has had Nissan's for years and speaks highly of them - well the Cube is a sad statement. It was like a saltine box and drove loud and rough - no get up and go and not attractive inside at all.

So...I bought the Kia Soul +. It looks small but it has a lot of room inside - it's comfortable and everything works well for the driver. It has ECO Boost and people get mileage up to 40MPG - WOW! I got the Shadow color - and am excited! It's not silver! LOL I've had a silver car for years!