Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Happy Days!

I got the CALL! A job offer that I am so very excited about! I still have to go through a drug test, but that's okay - and waiting 10 or so days for the results. I'm so excited and thrilled to be working again soon. My job title is Clinical Informatics Specialist - and I'll be working for a great lady and in a small group. It's the best of both worlds, very large company in upstate NY - but working within a very small part of it. No cubicles! Not sure that I'll have my own office or share - I'm good with either as long as I can work well and do my very best.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and well wishes! I appreciate it.

I'm adding some pictures of Stillwater below from our August camping - it made me happy to think about it so added it to this post....

We camped at Stillwater again late summer and had this beautiful beach and cove all to ourselves. The guys dragged stumps from all over the place and we had one heck of a bonfire!

The next night it was kind of rainging and we decided to use the fire pit in the camp area - under the trees - the guys dragged the wood up that wasn't burnt from the night before - this was one HOT fire - and very enjoyable.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter has arrived...

The wonderful late fall and 'warm' temperatures have departed upstate NY. In fact they seem to be a distant memory. Yesterday morning we woke up to -11 and this morning -7, tonight they are calling for an ice storm and the details are sketchy. It all depends on whether you listen to the local news or go to We'll see what happens.

My cats are feeling cabin fever - they go out for a few minutes at a time and leave muddy wet nasty prints on my front window to get my attention to let them back in. It's like fingernails on a chalkboard.

I'm eager to get on my's been far too long. Waiting to have a free room to put my bicycle on it's platform so I can ride. I see people riding outside on their bikes - I just don't seem to have the fortitude to do so.

Ah mind is wandering - wanted to post pictures - none of them are 'talking' to me right now. I'll look more tomorrow and see what I have.

Have a warm evening!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Disneyland and California Adventure

These pictures were from 5 years ago - not a ton of them, but I just felt like revisiting a really fun time. I'll add more pictures of Georgie - he was a gift from a good friend and my traveling companion!
Disneyland - Fall 2006

My Gnomad Georgie! In front of the roller coaster in California Adventure.

Mums that were placed in such a way to be Mickey Mouse faces! I thought it was so cool!

Candy Corn field in California Adventure - too stinking cute.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stillwater Reservoir, Summer 2011

Stillwater Reservoir, it's near Big Moose Station, and by near I mean 15 miles of hilly dirt and rock road. And when you get there - you have to get a site - it's first come, first served. No reservation, no cost, but you have to have a boat to get to all of the sites but one. You get your site, then put your boat in the water and in RB and my case - load that boat up till it looks like it will capsize with a strong breeze! LOL. Then putt putt our way to our site, we are fortunate in that most times the people we camp with have been there for a day already and have a site all picked out. We just go there. This time it was an island with two sites on it - but they are so far apart you never see the other people. It was beautiful and RB and I were on the beach. Very peaceful!
The first night we got to Stillwater - we had set up camp and decided to go out and try some fishing - I was too busy playing with the camera.

This place is so how we left ripples in the water and how the sun and clouds look in them.

This was on the other side of 'our' island campsite. You can tell which way the winds blow by looking at the top trees.

We caught quite a few small mouth bass - we let them go. It's exciting when you keep catching them over and over.

The view from our tent as the sun was rising. The lake was calm and clear - it was a very hot weekend - and very nice!

This is an area that is behind our island on the main land - it's the waterfalls as we all call it - very deep and cool so the bass love it when it gets hot out...

I couldn't resist adding this picture. It's a picture of THE BOX! - aka our outdoor bathroom. That's it for amenities up at Stillwater, but it does beat going in the woods (well for women anyway!)

Sunset on our second night - sky is just starting to pink up.

More of the pink sky reflecting on the lake.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Otter Lake last summer

I was looking through my pictures on my mac last night and found some images from Otter Lake that were so beautiful and made me want to be there so bad! Actually it made me want to be at a lake anywhere in the Adirondacks - in the summertime - with a cup of coffee and sitting on a beach or a dock watching the lake wake up with the sunrise. Enjoy!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Camp was wonderful! We brought in the new year with dear friends and family and mother nature. Again it was warmer than expected - the snow melted and it poured on New Years Eve - then cleared up enough for us to split and stack a cord+ of wood. RB has the oldest homemade splitter in the world - LOL but it works like a champ. The wood that we were splitting up was wet and frozen and HUGE - it took a lot of work for that splitter to get through those 2 foot in diameter logs - but darn it, it did.

We had some yummy appetizers - shrimp cocktail, veggies and dip, taco dip, cheese and crackers and pepperoni - and then for dinner we had salad, porterhouse steaks and au gratin/scalloped potatoes*.
It was incredibly good - I think that being up at camp, working hard and having fun makes everything taste better. 
*RB wanted me to make the box au gratin potatoes - 4 of them - because he loves them. Well I had a double box and bought two more - I was putting them together in the morning and noticed that the amounts of water and milk and butter were different on the boxes -but thought because I had a double box and that was a smaller size - I got it all together and put it in the oven. Then I started breaking down the boxes and realized that I had bought two scalloped potatoes and had made 2 of each. It was quite funny to realize how out of it I was!

The weather is starting to change - I just walked 35 minutes and at times the wind was crazy! It felt good to be in the fresh air.

Now it's time to start cleaning up stuff - my mother is coming to visit and I've kind of taken over the entire house! LOL - It would be nice if she could use the guest room and not feel like she's in a maze!

Happy New Year to you all!!!!