Sunday, March 24, 2013

Winter Trees

Winter trees in Cooperstown. Since spring doesn't seem to want to show up, I've decided to post some winter tree pictures. Looking forward to taking pictures of the trees in bloom!
Looking at mouth of Susquehanna River at Otsego Lake

Snow in the nooks of the trees

Lake Street - Winter trees and lake view

Saturday, March 23, 2013


This is the sunset in Orlando - miss it horribly... It was back in November and it was warm. Upstate NY is wallowing in winter. Mother Nature isn't aware that it's March 23 and it should be warming up! Just saying! Shoveled again this was 20 degrees, the temp hit a high of 35 today. Woo Hooo! Not!

This winter has just been difficult. Losing Mom and trying to get outside and be active and not wallow in grief - ugh - not working very well. I want to ride my bike for hours and lose myself in the monotony of peddling and hearing the birds, feeling the wind on my face, smelling the flowers, grass, farms - heck cow poop in the spring is a rite of passage for living in Upstate NY! I want to feel warm breezes, play in the yard, enjoy the sun on my face and shoulders as I work on clipping the bushes and trees, planting flowers, enjoying the outdoors. Stillwater Reservoir never seemed so awesome! Want to camp, fish, sit by a camp life...

Lost so many people lately - Mom, Grandma Sally, Linda....they are in a much better place and I pray for peace for all of our families...

Peace and love to you all...