Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas gifts...

I made a quilt for RB. It was a lot of work and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I made it with 2 Moda Jelly Rolls - it's all flannel.
I didn't have a pattern to follow - did a take on the split rail fence pattern. Of course because of this, at one point I had 13 blocks I had to take apart and sew differently. I was a tad aggravated - but I always felt like I would finish it.

I found the border fabric at Heartworks Quilt shop down in Fly Creek on route 28, the back came from Joann's fabric - I lucked out and found 108" wide fabric so I wouldn't have to sew two pieces together. I was so amazed at how well it all came together.

This was a fluke - we went to a winery and saw a "Redneck Wine" glass, it was a large mason jar on top of a candle stick but it was a little crooked and I didn't want to spend $8.00 for it. So the next day I was on a mission to find candle sticks, glass glue, beads and I already had mason jars in the basement - and I went to RB's house and we created our own version - called "Hill Billy Wine Glasses". They came out way better than I expected!

I also made dishcloths - knit ones - they came out great and I was able to make enough to give them to 9 people!!!!

Christmas was wonderful.... I feel very blessed to have RB, BP, and so many others in my life....

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas

It's a few days away, but I got all of my sewing done. WoooHoooo!!! I'll post pictures of what I've been doing after everyone gets their gifts, it's been a pleasure and therapy of a sort. My 3 month old sewing machine has lots of miles on it and it was a great pleasure to learn how to use it! (Without my mom over my shoulder!)

RB and I are heading to his family out in the Rochester area and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone! I've been to the cousins house 2 times - this will be the third - exciting! And I made something for all of the ladies! I just finished wrapping them all up.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - May peace, happiness, security, love and laughter be a huge part of your lives!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

7 Days

I think I've been in a time warp! How can there only be 7 days till Christmas???? How did I miss the passing of the days so quickly?

Well, I've been sewing like nuts and knitting - Henry and Einstein make sure that they are in my lap when I start knitting so that they can breath on the yarn - it's quite amusing as they know that they can't touch the yarn so they just get their noses as close as they can. Einstein thinks that the knitting needles are his personal scratching sticks - LOL. Try knitting with a cat head butting the needles, not easy.

Ah well - I have to get back to sewing - there are 7 days till Christmas, but I've really only got about 4 days to sew - lots of stuff going on!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Back on track

It's still bugging me that I don't have a job yet, but I can't change how companys' do their HR stuff - so instead I will keep sending out my resume and cover letters and seeing how much my RB and friends care about me with the phone calls and emails about jobs out's so wonderful to feel that caring!

I've been sewing up a storm! LOL - I will post pictures after Christmas - don't want to give away any presents! But I've learned a new thing called Quilt as You Go - WOW! it's fast and easy and I can make 4 placemats with 5-7 pieces of material in a few hours from start to finish! And they are so much fun. Of course I can't seem to get the sizes all identical - but then again if they were identical it wouldn't be as much fun! I'm also knitting dish clothes...those are fun too - if I can remember to pay attention to my counting.

Well - I've made pecan sandies aka nut balls this morning - nut cups and chocolate covered cherry cookies are next on the list. YUM! But have to go work on a project that is for a very special man in my's a doozie!

Merry Christmas,

Monday, December 5, 2011

how is it done?

I thought that I would have a job in a couple of weeks.

I have rose colored glasses apparently because that hasn't happened and not only that I haven't heard anything from anyone. My fault - I have come to the AWFUL conclusion that I was very well paid at my old job and can hope to make 3/5ths of what I was making before. I'm in shock. Financially, emotionally and every way possible. I don't know what to do anymore.

Well - I'm looking at other job options and we'll see....

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving - it's not just a day

Last week was kind of a blur.

RB has been sick - pneumonia - and we went to NYC thinking he just had a bad cold. We walked 7-8 miles - it was beautiful - warmer than anyone would have thought for November. We took a cab to Chinatown and hit the 'tourist' Chinatown first - that was interesting - people with pictures of Gucci bags in their palms trying to get us to buy. It was funny at first, but you get inundated. RB and I kept walking - looking for the 'real' Chinatown. We did find it - and went into a 'mall' and walked around - (me hoping to find a restroom). We stuck out like sore thumbs! So much so that this lady came up behind us and asked if she could help - she said she was worried about us! It was funny - but I did tell her that this 'mall' reminded me of Taipei and she said we were brave - and with my blond hair we could be spotted a mile away. She was helpful and suggested we get out of the 'real' Chinatown just for safety sake - and neither of us could argue. Some of the smells were starting to get to us both. We passed by store after store with fresh fish outside and other things that I couldn't even begin to name and I even saw bean paste buns - but didn't want 6 of them! We found our way out and hailed a cab to take us to Ground Zero. We were going to go in, but to buy the tickets you had to walk another 4 blocks and go back and then we ran into the OWS people. Lovely. I had no interest in being lumped in with them. I believe in personal responsibility - not letting the government take care of me. So we continued to walk into Little Italy - We did find the "Irish American Pub" and had some beer (of course) and met Lanetta, who was of course, from Ireland. We had wonderful Irish Nachos and we were able to unwind a bit. Then we continued walking toward uptown and finally took a cab up to Bryant Park. We walked around more of that area - and then Times Square but it was freakin crowded - we did go into a couple of stores, but didn't find anything to our liking. We did try to get into the Pig Whistle Pub but it was so crowded we couldn't get in there - so we went across the way to Langan's
It wasn't as 'friendly' as the Irish American Pub - Lanetta is a jewel - but we were able to sit at the bar and enjoy a couple of beers and be off our feet. Much better than walking through the insane crowds in TS!

So - we got home at midnight Saturday night - RB slept almost the whole way home - poor honey. I couldn't sleep. On Sunday I felt like crap - really tired and achey - not realizing that I was coming down with whatever RB had.

By Tuesday I was miserable. LOL - and I mean it! I had to go to Working Solutions and learn of all the stuff I had to do to find a job - like I haven't been doing it already - and then I went to Urgent Care. Didn't do much on Wednesday and then RB and I had our own little Thanksgiving feast at my house. All these plans to go here, there and everywhere didn't pan out.

This weekend was pretty tame, Sunday I got a little stir crazy and walked to Joann's Fabrics to get Christmas presents (well the makings for them) - 5 miles later I was home. LOL Yesterday I sewed...and delivered a pillow I had done for a friend, made a knotted fleece blanket for a wonderful little boy and decorated for Christmas.

Now - back to the subject of this post.
I'm THANKFUL for all of the people who have rallied around me and called me and given me support in these trying times. I'm THANKFUL for the sewing machine that RB gave me for my birthday as it has been such a blessing - keeps my head and hands busy. I'm THANKFUL to Christine Elkins and Catherine Paterson for always reminding me to get my 'pieces of paper' aka diplomas because no one could ever take them away. I'm THANKFUL for RB - he's just an incredible person. I'm THANKFUL to BP - she knows what I'm going through and has given me one hell of a project to work on! I'm THANKFUL to have my home and so many dear people in my life. God is good!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

random thoughts

Every morning when I get up - I have to go look at the calendar or my phone to see what day it is and what the date is. I've only been out of work for 2.5 weeks and yet I'm losing my days - it doesn't help that I don't have a regular schedule, but I'm trying.

I've learned that writing lists means that I get a lot more accomplished during the day. And friends help a lot with their encouraging phone calls and emails. Very nice to have such great people in my life.

Excited about Saturday - going to NYC with a bus load of people - RB and I are going to explore China Town, Little Italy, SoHo and the World Trade Center. We walked 9.5 miles last year - so thinking we should hit that this year. :)

I've started walking a lot - it helps make me physically tired so that I can go to sleep at a regular time and get up fairly early. I don't want to get lazy - my thought process is that when (not if damn it) but when I get a job I don't want to have to relearn the early to bed, early to rise that I've been doing for years.

Got my first rejection - I don't know Visual Studio. I'm a Jill of all Trades - I know a little about a lot of things - and actually I know a lot about a lot of things - but it isn't matching anyone right now. We'll see how it goes. Meeting with an old friend tomorrow and someone else in his company and who knows...but it will be a very nice change from filling out applications and sending my resume to a million people and not getting anything but canned responses. Or job offers to be a salesperson for some insurance I've never heard of - or sell a pyramid scheme - those are so much fun to vet through.

Have to do some cleaning up....and more thinking!

Friday, November 11, 2011


So - being unemployed sucks. I've been working since I was 15, not afraid of work in any way. And I have to admit - that while I'm not getting to paid to work right now I've been busy getting things done in and around my house. RB and I have a garden all tilled out back and I've been working on my compost pile. I've had so many conversations with clients from old company - everyone has been very supportive and I really appreciate their thoughts, time and kind words.

These are some ideas going through my head - I need feedback though - tell me what you think. When I worked at Capraro Technologies, I created a monthly newsletter - sent it out to about 400 clients and friends...I was thinking that I should continue that. It was about tips and tricks in Office - but also about software and hardware coming out - comparisons of such - and stuff about malware, viruses, etc. I also added 'heartwarming' stories - just to keep it real. I was for the most part a compiler - I would find info online in lots of places but bring it together. And because so many of our clients weren't techies - I tried to keep it simplified and understandable. So - I'm thinking to start the same thing again - and add other ideas - thoughts, whatever. Remember - I'm a Jill of All Trades and a master of none...

I've also thought about starting a Facebook page - Michelle Looking for a Job! That could be interesting....

Anyway - with that being said - if you have any ideas, thoughts - whatever - let me know - please!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lakeland Winery

We (RB, B, D and I) went to Lakeland Winery - none of really knew what the deal was - but it was $10 for four of us to taste wine - half price. B was informed by the owner - Andy - to bring cheese and crackers or whatever for an appetizer. So between B and myself we had lots of cheese and crackers.

We showed up a few minutes before 7 and honestly I didn't think much of the store front - it's on State Fair Blvd in Syracuse, right next to a car wash and not a lot of parking. It was a small building - in the front - but very comfortable.  Two tables, couches, chairs and bar and lots and lots of wine.

Andy started out with a light hand on the wine - not a bad thing because there were a lot of wines to try. Of course the more we tried the more we got to try! LOL - and at the end there was the option to make a wine that we had tried. B&D are brewing a pomegranate wine and RB is brewing a Gamay Nouveau - a dry red. We get to go back in December to bottle it. Lots of fun awaits.

Yes - you can buy these wine kits and make the wine in your own home, BUT - there are a lot of extra tools and supplies that you need as well and why not make a night of it and go there and meet new people and taste wonderful wines. And...there is a Quaker Steak and Lube just down the road. We went there and had wonderful burgers and RB & D shared the 100 ounce beer - called a Lube Tube - LOL - good thing I was driving - the boys were useless after that!

I have another place to write about - I'll do it in a couple of days....a place in Rochester that RB brought me to last weekend.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Well - not working has an upside - all those things that need to get done around the house can finally get done - with some elbow grease and good direction (thanks RB). I removed 90% of the rust on the rocker panels of my car. I asked the guy who fixed my car if he would do it - the answer was an emphatic NO! LOL - he had the paint out and everything - but I guess rust wasn't his thing. Anyway - I used naval jelly, a scraper, a hard plastic scrubby pad and sandpaper to get all that stuff off. Then mineral spirits to clean the area to be painted and finally I did a primer coat. Needless to say - cheap primer - Rustoleum - doesn't stop rust from coming through. RB came by the next day and worked the rusty area a bit more and put 'real' primer on. It's looking tons better. I'm hoping to sand the areas again and paint and clear coat it soon. Can't use my car for a couple of days once I do that.

The other thing that I'm in the process of working on right now is my front steps - my beautiful red steps take a beating in the wet and snow and were in sorry shape. Part of the problem was that they were wet because of the ice mats I keep on them - so those are now gone. I used a heat gun to dry out the wood and help me loosen up all the spots I could of paint. Used a metal brush and wiped them down good - and put a new coat of primer down. It's kinds of chilly out - but hopefully they will dry okay and I'll be able to put the red coat on tomorrow. It's only going to work for a year or so - I really need new stairs - and a gutter above them to stop the rain from falling on them so hard.

So...God has reasons for everything. I'm working my tail off and not causing any problems, I just really want to go back to work soon.

Thanks to all of my wonderful friends for their help, love and support.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

More Roller Coaster

For the first time in my life - I've been laid off - and I mean first time ever let go from any job in my life. It's brutal. It feels like a slap in the face. I've been with this company for 12 years - I have always jumped in to help with various people have had to leave because of family problems or health reasons. When we moved from one office to another - I was there for an entire Saturday helping with the move -using my car to move all servers and machines from old to new office. My co-workers showed up later and left earlier than me. My office was set to go come Monday AND I helped everyone find their things and get set up. I'd been there the longest of everyone but the owner and another guy but that didn't mean a lot.

I've had lots of calls from clients and they helped me feel better - many wanted me to take them on as clients - didn't go there - many reasons - but the biggest is that it wouldn't be right. I love the fact that my prior clients feel so strongly that I helped them - and it helped me get through last week - it was rough. I've finished my resume - sent it to three prospective clients. I'm stronger than being laid off - I will not be on unemployment any longer than necessary. It's necessary to my self worth to work as soon as possible. I will not be someone who sees unemployment as a vacation. It's not in my blood.

Thank you to all of my very supportive friends for all of their wonderful words and love. I want to give some employer my best - I have a lot of knowledge to share and will gladly share with anyone.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Roller Coaster

That's what I feel like I'm riding these days! Awesome highs - having a wonderful man like RB in my life, great friends like KS, MC, BP. A fantastic birthday that took a few days to celebrate - and wonderful heartfelt gifts! Picture of me and KS and EdnaMom - makes me tear up thinking about it... but I love it! Album from MC of our fun adventures at Disney - also made me tear up! Can't wait to go again! The beautiful necklace and orchid that were waiting for me when I got home on my birthday. And the huge surprise of a sewing machine! The fun I'm going to have with that one.

Then there are the lows - the stressors...
NYS sending out pink slips for the second time in 4 months - the ongoing talks with the governor and yet no one in our local area is discussing it. Have to go online to Albany, Ithaca, anywhere but upstate where hundreds of people are losing their jobs on the 19th.

Getting rear-ended by a young man 'eating' he says - (me thinks he was texting). My car is 'fixed' but doesn't feel the same. I'm jumpy when I drive and am constantly looking for someone to hit me again, not paying attention to driving. The paper work that has to be done - some of it 3 days late which means I could have my license suspended - and I was sent the paper work 2 days before it was due, on a weekend. Never heard of such a thing. And then there is the neck, shoulder pain and headaches - and to go along with that is the lovely tingly thumb on my right hand. all adds up and normally I'd be better equipped to deal but for some reason I've realized that as much as I love Autumn it is a stressful time for me.

And of course work isn't helping. Clients throwing me under the bus. Lying to my boss. My notes from the visits to their office back me up, but it's still bothersome. Not getting assistance from my co-workers. And the worst part is one of my co-workers left and is now at another job - I miss him! He and I had good conversations - he was aware of the crap that happens around here and he stood up to the plate when it came to work. So there is a hole here. There are a lot of stressors here - many of my own making, I will admit. I care about things being done here in a timely manner, phones getting answered, emails being answered, people being on time - but I have to remember the serenity prayer - there is nothing I can do about it so I have to let it go.

On the good side - I'm picking up thread tonight so I can start playing with my new sewing machine. I've got big plans!

I'm hoping this roller coaster ends on a high note!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall is here!

Of course you wouldn't know it by the weather yesterday. 81 degrees! Wow! But it did get me outside after work and I mowed, weed whacked and trimmed the bushes out front. I'm having an open house on Sunday and want things to look nice so this is a step in the right direction. Of course the week is going to go progressively down hill and become rainy and cooler - but it's okay I like fall and the leaves are starting to turn already.

My neighbor (really the only house that is side by side with me) just got all new windows in her house. It's part of a local assistance program to help weatherize some of the older homes. Her old windows were very leaky and I had tried to help with plastic but it just wasn't doing the job - so thanks to the Mohawk Valley Community Action Center, she has new windows and new doors. And this is the best part for her - she can open her windows and get fresh air all of the time, before she could only open her bedroom windows in the front of the house. But here is the funny part. I was in my living room (farthest from her house) and I hear "Michelle, Can you hear me?" - it was my neighbor yelling from her dining room window that looks into my kitchen (our houses are a mere 15 feet apart - maybe). She was just curious if I would be able to hear her if she called - we don't need a phone anymore! lol

My brother is in from Texas - we'll have dinner tonight or Thursday night with RB. Pretty cool. My other brother is turning the BIG 40! I wonder how he's handling it? My birthday is soon and I'll be 44 - I'm not at all impressed with that number.

I have some pictures to upload soon. They are of Otter Lake this past summer - really nice - early morning pics. Fog on the lake - shadows and sun - peaceful.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stuff I'm learning - thanks to RB

About 2 weeks ago RB told me that he had to work on the boat motor - I told him that I would love to help and would he be willing to teach me. He thought that it was a good idea and seemed very enthusiastic. So - I went over there - the plan was to replace the Condensers (14) and Breaker Assembly (9,10 and 11).
1958 Evinrude Motor schematic
It was a great learning experience and RB isn't the type to tell you what he is doing and have you watch him the whole time - he explains what does what and hands me the tools! That is awesome!!! I take apart computers all the time and no one taught me how - I just do it, sometimes doing well and other times - LOL - not so well - but I do know how to handle tools for the most part. So we changed both condensers and both breaker assemblies - I was able to do quite a bit - but didn't have the hand strength and coordination in order pinch the breakers assems. in just the right way to get them into the space they needed to be in. And then there is a part where you have to measure the width between them - I don't remember all the terminology - but they have to be a sliver apart - and yes it's an exact measurement and RB and I worked as a team to make it all work together - VERY COOL! In the end we got it back together and it started up like a dream - of course it didn't solve all of the problems, but it seemed to have helped.

My second 'lessons' came today. RB had to replace the passenger side front brake calipers on his truck and I needed new sway bar links in my car - we did his truck first - other than a few tight nuts and stuff - that was relatively easy.  I have to admit that RB did 90 percent of this job - I did help with taking off and putting on the tire (lug nuts and air tool!!!)
Caliper for his truck

My car on the other hand was a great test. LOL - of so many things. The nuts that held the old sway bar links were in so tight that nothing would get them undone. We had an air gun and every other conceivable tool to try to loosen them and we finally had to go to heat. A torch that is - and daaannnnngggggg that gets mighty hot. We were able to get them out - the new ones in - that were much better! The ones I picked up can be lubed - so hopefully they last longer - my car eats sway bar links.
Sway bar links - These are the Moog ones that allow you to grease them!

I learned how to handle an air gun - fairly well. Can get most lug nuts off - I had one on each tire that were freakin ridiculous! RB had to get the big guns out - those would be his awesomely strong arms! I got good and figuring out what size tools we would need at what point and didn't whine when I got a big streak of grease across my face. I figure this is all a good lesson for later in life when I can't afford to go to the mechanic anymore!

Thanks RB for all the good lessons in the last few weeks - you are a good teacher and hopefully I'm becoming an apt pupil!

So - I'm looking forward to my next lesson  - who knows what it will be! Maybe welding next!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My list

Well - I've given my notice at my 'second' job so that I can have more time for life, me, RB and my friends and family. But in doing so - I'm all the sudden more busy than before! LOL - it's a good thing - I'm spending time with more people and meeting new people and learning a lot.

So...the subject of this post - My List.

There are things that I want to try and accomplish in the next couple of months.

1.) Book more Tastefully Simple parties and see where that takes me. Also - tied to that is - put together a basket for the Walk from Obesity fundraiser on September 17 in Syracuse.

2.) Get my house cleaned up, spruced up, patched up, painted, and get the floors waxed. I can do all of this, just need to put my mind to it. :)

3.) Make and SEND Christmas cards this year. The make part isn't too hard - the SEND part is harder for me - I seem to have a mental lapse.

4.) Make and SEND Christmas gifts. This is hard - I usually take the approach that everyone needs something different, unique to them. Well - that's all fine and good, but it tends to make me stop dead in my tracks and not do anything. So - I'm going to think of a more generic gift for people - straight from my heart and my hands.

5.) Decorate for Christmas this year. The last few years my house has been very sparsely decorated - and this year I think that outside lights (just a few- not going crazy) and a nice sized tree in the house will be in order.

6.) Rearrange my Dining and Living rooms - which means flipping them - but that goes back to #2 - painting, waxing, patching, cleaning. :)

7.) Be there more for my friends and try to be a better friend to them.

That's it for now - maybe I'll be able to stick to it better!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Stillwater Reservoir

RB and I went camping this past weekend. It was the first time we've gone alone - and didn't have someone already at Stillwater with the camp site all picked out and set up. It was fun! First - we had too much stuff to make one trip in the boat. You have to have a boat to get to the sites at Stillwater - well there is one site that is available by car - but what fun is that?
So RB and I loaded up the boat - put the rest of the stuff on the beach by the dock and I waved goodbye to him as he went to the only site left in the whole place! I figured it would take about 1.5 hours - it was actually closer to two, but I got to meet and speak with a lot of different people. And Charlie, the beautiful golden retriever, slept at my feet and was a sweetheart toward the end of my wait.
When RB did show up, I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn't impressed with the site that we had. He had a lot of hauling - uphill to get things up to the camping area. And the beach was a whole 4 feet wide. Well - we filled the boat with the rest of the stuff and took another ride to site 18. Long story short - yes it was a haul up a hill and if you had to run from a bear it would be scary going down the root stairs. But it was beautiful. Breathtaking. Peaceful. Wonderful. Our site was set up so well - we had a huge tarp that acted as a rain break just in case - it was 10'x20' and covered the tent and a nice little space for RB and I to sit and watch the fire. Lots of firewood, beautiful view, and a privy - aka box in the woods to do your business.
Swimming was very enjoyable from our site as was fishing! I caught three keeper size small mouth bass and one baby - we (RB) let all of them go. I just enjoy the thrill of catching them - it's enjoyable....
The trip home was one boat trip - we were able to consolidate - so that made it easier. Plus RB built a trailer for the boat - so that in itself made everything much easier unloading into the truck.
Another great summer weekend....

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer, Summer, Summer

It has been one of the best, busiest, most lovely summers since childhood. It started out shaky (of course) with all of the rain and yucky weather that we have had, and I was working too much and got sick (shingles and upper respiratory infection). But now that I've dropped a lot of the hours - and spent a lot of time outside - I'm feeling tons better!

I did do the 40 mile Tour De Cure - a few minutes faster than last year - and three days into shingles and I didn't even know it! I knew something was wrong - but had no idea what it was - and in typical Michelle fashion I basically ignored it that day.

July fourth weekend we went camping up at Stillwater Reservoir. It was awesome! The weather was great - RB has a boat now - so we didn't have to borrow the his friends Ganoe (a very fun and interesting little boat, but RB's boat is a bit bigger and less apt to tip).  We set up our tent on the beach of a little island - we were with 3 other couples, they were up in the wooded area more but we had a beautiful view of the lake in it's glory.

This was the view from our tent - about 5 am - the sun was just coming up.

The first night we were there - trying out the boat - the fishing poles and relaxing - beautiful sunset - I took a LOT of pictures. 

For the last few weeks RB has been building a boat trailer - he amazes me with his talent. It turned out fantastic and "Speed Racer" ,as the boat has been dubbed, fits on it like it was born to be there!  Then he got his hands on a 9.5HP 1969 Evinrude motor and we've been out testing it - he's been doing a lot of work on it too. So the culmination of all of this is that we are going camping again this weekend. YEAH!!!!

I'm so thankful that God has put RB and all of my wonderful friends in my life. KS and I will get some time together next week - and see BH up at the Delta Lake Inn. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blue skies...nothing but blue skies do I see!!!

It is such a pleasure to wake up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping, the sun streaming through the blinds and the crisp morning air wafting through the open window. It's a soul rejuvenation thing! A smile, laughter giggle producing spring day!

My mom is here from Texas, she had a long flight yesterday but it all went well. Thank you God for answering prayers so readily! The weather is behaving for her too - so it's a wonderful thing.

The Tour de Cure is coming up in 4 weeks - I'm trying to get in shape!!! Actually its just my butt I'm worried about! :)

I think that's about it for now...enjoy the weather, the sun, the rebirth of mother nature and most of all, enjoy your loved ones.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I just noticed last night as I was driving to second job that the trees are taking on a green hue with the buds. And the grass is growing all of the sudden too but can't mow because it's been raining almost everyday. But I'm so glad that the warm weather is here finally.

I'm painting my living room with help from RB and then spring cleaning like crazy. My mom is coming to visit in two weeks.

The Tour de Cure is coming up in less than 6 weeks. Yikes! I need to get out and get riding!

Happy spring!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Special Day

Tomorrow - almost Today - and may be at the rate I'm going - the 26th of March is a very special day in my recent history.

I met RB a year ago on the 26th for the first time at the Tramontane Cafe in Utica. I was so excited, nervous, scared, ready to flee at any time and hide! But he was waiting for me in the parking lot - I knew who he was immediately, his picture didn't do him justice. He jumped out of his truck - sure of himself, comfortable with himself, no pretenses, no silliness - just RB. I was very glad in those first few minutes that I had decided to follow through with the meeting as he didn't give me the feeling that I didn't meet his expectations and that was a welcome thing. We sat at a small table after ordering our drinks - I think that I got a cookie or cake too - not sure - I was too happy to talk to this man, he listened, answered, talked, joked, and looked me in the eyes and he was just himself - it was a great first 'date'.

So tomorrow we celebrate that first date and the great year that followed and hopefully this will be the first of many.....

I love you RB!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is here!!!!!

I say that and of course they are predicting snow today - I just hope that they are wrong! Wrong I say! dead Wrong! NO MORE SNOW (please God?!?!?!)

Okay got that out of my system.

A List of things I would like to accomplish this spring:
1.) paint the living and dining rooms
2.) Clean up out back and roto-till a nice area for a garden
3.) cut down and trim back some trees in said back yard
4.) repaint the steps on front porch and create a better cover for them. The water dripping beat up the paint.
5.) wash all my outdoor furniture and set up an oasis on my front porch for Saturday and Sunday morning coffee
6.) dig out the stones in my pergola floor, dig up the dirt and level it out lower than the frame. Put down weed fabric, then put gravel and crushed granite in it for a floor. :)
7.) find inexpensive fabric to hang from back and sides of pergola for a romantic and less buggy experience.
8.) learn how to change front wheel bearings, sway bar links and maybe a muffler on my car.
9.) get my iPad2 and learn all of it's neat abilities.
10.) ride my bike outside and raise lots of money for the American Diabetes Association!
11.) clean up my basement
12.) clean up my attic
13.) have a huge garage sale and pay for the things that I want to do this summer with the proceeds!
14.) Enjoy all of the above and then some!!!!

I know that there is more to add to that list - but I think I'll stop now and formulate the next one - anyone got any ideas for me???

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Good Morning - yesterday was the St. Patrick's Day Parade and festivities here in Utica and many other small towns in upstate - actually probably in many cities and towns in the US. I didn't do a lot yesterday around the house. Did get to have yummy Chicken Quesadillas at Kelly's house. Then I had to work last night at my other job. Lovely.

Today I've been cleaning my house like a whirling dervish! My basement has a river running through it - so the fan, dehumidifier and sump pump are running like there's no end. I'm going to have a heck of a garage sale when spring/summer finally get here. Tired of all of the clutter and stuff I keep moving from place to place.

Now - onto the Corned Beef and Cabbage - my wonderful RB is here and brought all the fixings and his pressure cooker - we are going to have a veritable feast in about an hour! YUMMY!!!!

I have been negligent with blogging - I'll hopefully get back into it. It's been a very long and dreary winter with a wonderful visit from a friend that hails from Australia!

Monday, January 10, 2011

For KS

 I started writing this post last year - in fact almost a year ago. My friend's lovely mom passed away and poor K was hurting so bad... Edna Mom was such a wonderful lovely lady... She loved K so very much and her sons and grandkids and her pups... She loved to fish, go on adventures with K, crochet, spend time with her pups, watch K play Mario - and cheer her on or boo her when she did bad. Edna Mom was funny, went to the murder mysteries that K and I were in - laughed at our silliness. She was a sweetheart and my mom when my mother moved away, and even before that when my mom was sick and I needed a shoulder.

Below is what I wrote last year to K -

KS don't cry....well - go ahead but remember the good stuff. Your mom was a wonderful, funny, sweet, loving lady. I know she loved you so much and thought that you and I were trouble with a capitol T and loved our funny adventures and stories. I know you thought she listened to me more than you about stuff like the blood sugar tester - but I think she was just scared and needed more than one person to tell her the same thing.  Her adventure this fall with you was awesome - she had the time of her life - and loved every minute.

K - I love ya! and I'm thinking and praying for you and your brothers....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011!

It was a great way to welcome the New Year. RB and I went to his camp up north - no running water, solar electricity, and wood stove heat. All that means is that it's very quiet and peaceful. We went up on Thursday night - it was seriously cold at the camp when we got there but RB had it heated up in no time. That wood stove got it so warm up there that I slept without covers! Then he used the wood stove to bake two potatoes - in this neat pan that has a 'shelf' in it and a nice rounded top - those potatoes were fantastic. He had also made the best BBQ chicken I've ever had - nice and spicy and moist - he heated that up on the wood stove too. (There is a propane stove there but why waste a good wood fire?)

I taught him how to play War with a deck of cards - neither one of us could think a card game and we were waiting for it to warm up. I won - he won't play anymore! LOL

We ate our marvelous meal and then went for a walk in the dark - he has a new flashlight from his sister that lights up the world! It was so awesome. Then we crashed - it had been a long day.

We got up on Friday morning and it was gorgeous out! The sun was shining, the sky was blue and we watched many deer cross behind and in front of the camp. Big deer too! RB made coffee and we sat and drank while we contemplated what we would do. I made breakfast - scrambled eggs, potatoes, sausage and toast - with help of course - RB watched the potatoes and toast as we cooked them on the wood stove. It was pretty darned good if I say so myself!

We took a hike through the woods to another road that leads to the 'top' of the creek - I always say that but it's just where the creek is a series of small waterfalls coming down over rocks before it calms down in RB's neighborhood. We didn't make it to the trail that leads down the the falls - I wussed out on him, but it was a good walk - and our blue skies started to darken up and the sun was hiding. We got back to camp and I laid down - I think I'm still trying to catch up on my lost sleep before Christmas. RB worked on installing a propane furnace to test it - it works! He rearranged furniture and everything and I just crashed.

Later we went for a drive, then went to his friends camp to visit with them. When we got back we had a wonderful dinner of Filet Mignon and potatoes - it was a perfect amount - oh and shrimp and cocktail sauce to start it out! YUM! We decided to go for another walk - without benefit of flashlight this time and it was really neat - we ended up at the creek - sat on the bench and watched as the clouds moved northeast and the stars came out in all of their splendor. It was incredible we also saw a shooting star!
What a wonderful evening!

So that is how we celebrated the coming of the new year! I can't wait to do it again next year.