Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Bike, New Adventures

I finally got a new bike, the weather hasn't cooperated much, neither has my breathing but I've managed a short ride. Got a Neko SL by Trek. It's got the front end suspension when I'm riding the bumpy canal trail and other off road trails, but I can switch it off when I'm on the road, helping me to speed it up a little. And I just checked the weather and it looks like Saturday and Sunday will be great for a ride. Woo Hoo! Going to CT&TT's house on Saturday afternoon - for fun - TT is going to change my tires out for me - RB may come over too. I may vacuum out my car and then fix CT's computer, make chicken BBQ pizza - and just have fun. :) Life is good! Should have a video and picture uploaded to the site - depending on how slow my internet is. Gracie is having a wonderful time on the canal trail and the other was just an awesome picture of Birch trees.