Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Adventure

Adventure Day - January 21, 2014 It was a surprise for me from RB - Make sure that I was dressed warm and wore my winter/hiking boots. We went to Bald Mountain in the Town of Webb, in the Adirondacks. It.Was.Incredible! Best.Surprise.Ever! I've wanted to go up there for the past year and it just always seemed to be too wet, too hot, too cold. LOL it was -10 (yes minus) when we went up but it was fantastic. I sweated my butt off! There was no wind so it was perfect.
The sign at the base of the Trail.

Bundled up, but starting to be way too warm!

First glimpse of the frozen lakes.

There is something about blue sky and snowy trees.

My favorite view of the Rondaxe Fire Tower

Beautiful view of the chain of lakes to the North

I climbed to the top of the Fire Tower - holding on so tight the whole way. This is the trail we followed, at time crawling and praying we wouldn't go sliding where we didn't belong.

From the tower, looking to the east.

From the tower - looking down the side of the mountain. Not really a smart idea!

Awesome tree - showing the strength of the sculpting winds.

From the fire tower looking to the south.

Heading back down the mountain - loved these three trees.

Trees dressed for a winter ball!

This part of the trail was scary - long way to fall on the one side and ice and snow causing a little instability. It was fun though.

More trees dressed for the winter ball!

Light and Shadow through the trees.
This was such a wonderful day in so many ways. I really loved it and there was no one else on the trail and that made it even more special. We slid down certain parts - was a blast. I was a little hesitant at first on some of the hike, afraid I would fall, but I got more sure footed as we went. My Christmas boots from RB a few years back are awesome. Thank you RB for a wonderful adventure day!