Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring buds and flowers

This tree was outside of Faxton campus on Burrstone Rd. Smelled so
good! It's warmer out today than it has been in awhile! Yea!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Life is good.
In fact, life is great.

I have started a second job, I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to work a second job and that it was relatively easy to find. I'm going to be pushing myself a little in the sleep department. And this is a warning to RB - my mom says I'm crabby, crabby, crabby if I don't get enough sleep. Of course I have to laugh at this a little because I've been living on less sleep for a month + and no one has complained yet!

I have wonderful friends who watch out for me and care about what I am doing - and when RB and I started dating - Brenda used to have me call her to make sure that I got home safely. Very nice indeed.

The Tour de Cure is coming up on June 6 - I've signed up to ride the 40 miles. Yes - I am looking for donations - pretty please.  I know things are tight - but if I could get 20- $5.00 donations that would put me over the top and help a good cause.

Letchworth State Park in (Castile) Mount Morris, NY is a beautiful and huge park! RB and I went there on Sunday to see his mom and sister, we had lunch at the Glen Iris restaurant. What a treat! Beautiful restaurant, good food, great service, great views and just a pleasure to meet RB's family. :-) We've already decided to go back and hike - well...I have and I'm hoping to get RB to go too.

Life is good! Smile - the sun will be shining this weekend!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Double rainbow!

Happy days

Things are really changing right now in my life. I don't talk about private stuff too much and I won't here either. But that being said - I am very happy. RB and I have been seeing each other for almost 4 weeks now - it's a wonderful fit in so many ways.

The Murder Mystery is on! Tomorrow night and Saturday night! Get your tickets! It will be a lot of fun! Great food, beverages and lots of laughs...

I start a second job on Monday - I'm a bit nervous - but with the way things are with taxes going up and everything else - I figured it would be a good thing.

And - a friend of mine just gave me 3 bags of clothes with more coming! woo hoo! I love 'hand-me-downs', what better way to save money! Looking forward to trying them on and having a little fashion show!

The trees are really popping leaves like crazy - it's wonderful to see.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Utica Police

I did it again! And so far I'm the only one who has gone for a second ride-a-long so far. It's a great learning experience and an eye opener.

Here is a 'briefing' of our evening - no I won't print out names - but in some cases I wish I could. Wow some people are whacked! And Patrolman Dare was again, very respectful, calm and courteous to people who would probably be happy to thump on him, swear at him and goodness knows what else. People have really got to learn to shut up and listen with respect to what an officer is telling you.

A rundown...

Don't park in the firelane. Seriously. Don't. The fire department can't get to a fire in a store, apartment, whatever if you park your car in a fire lane for 'a couple of minutes'. I've seen a picture where someone did that and the firemen popped out the driver and passenger side windows and ran the hose through the car. Too Bad. And if you are young - early 20's - and in a hurry to get something from a store - that's not an excuse either - and giving the police office lip? Seriously. You are lucky it's only a $20.00 ticket. Get some exercise - park in a regular parking place and walk. It was maybe 20ft to the nearest spot.

If you see 4 huge firetrucks - with firemen in full gear, hoses out - don't try to drive through and around them with 4 police cars blocking traffic and telling you no. Honestly I am amazed at how many people wanted to just barge through like they didn't see all the apparatus out. And there was a fire - at a bank and people wanted to go into the bank even with all that going on. Seriously???

I'm a little cynical after last night - sorry, it's going to show a little in this post. But remember this, Patrolman Dare and his fellow officers were nothing but professional, respectful, alert and helpful to these people who showed no regard for rules, signs, information from the officers or anything.

Then there was the noise complaint. An neighbor called in about very loud music. We got out of the car, about 25 feet from the front door and could hear it. At that point music isn't music when it's so loud that it's distorted. Patrolman Dare banged on the door, hit the door bell - and of course, you guessed it, the music was so loud that they person inside couldn't hear it. The complainant came out and gave us a little more information and the person who was playing the loud music finally shut it off. So we were able to get his attention. He was in a wheelchair - the house reeked! Cigarettes - it was awful the stink pouring out. Patrolman Dare went into the dwelling and spoke to the man, who was sitting in his wheelchair with a t shirt and shoes and socks on - that's it. No Pants! Need I say more? The loud music guy did tell me that I could come in - but I could tell from the quick look that I had that it probably would be best for us all if I just stayed outside. LOL.  He did get an appearance ticket as it had been the second time in a few weeks. He was calm and knew why the police were there, his companion on the other hand was a twit, he wanted to complain about all of their neighbors and the noise from them. It was silent in all the apartments but for our conversation.

Then there was the drunk. The call went out as a person refusing to leave. She did refuse and was quite drunk - the alcohol was just rolling off her in waves. Very pathetic. If you think that alcohol enhances your personality, looks, whatever - stop thinking that. This lady was 29 years old and we both thought she was in her 40's. Alcohol is not a preservative. And it makes you repeat things over and over and say vulgarities profusely, cry one second and rail against everything another.  It's very unattractive on so many levels. I really hope that she gets her life straightened out - she has children and they deserve a mom.

There were lots of vehicle infractions last night too. If a police officer is nice to the driver about not having their drivers license and gives you (the passenger) the opportunity to drive the car and only a small ticket to original driver, don't bad mouth the police officer. He's cutting some slack as it is and you give him attitude. Seriously? You have nothing to worry about, your DL is clean and you have to be a jerk. Lucky he didn't arrest the driver and hand a ticket to you.

Do you see why I am cynical today? It takes nothing to be respectful and calm and peaceful. The rewards are high too! I know that if someone is smiling and friendly to me I am much more likely to do the same back and be in a much better mood. If you go into something with a rotten attitude - guess what? that is what you will get back.

Once again, Patrolman Dare and the other officers that I had the opportunity to talk to last night, showed their professionalism in the face of all kinds of crap. I do love Utica - but it does need a lesson in being kind to others sometimes.

Support your police by being a good citizen and looking out for others!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"It's Just Not Faire"

And it won't be if you miss this years Murder Mystery at the Stanley Theatre in Utica. The volunteers are celebrating their 14th Murder Mystery by having this one on the STAGE! Yes - you got it! You can have wonderful hearty hors d'oeuvres, Saranac Beer (and others I'm sure), wine and most of all - You can have fun! Interact with the volunteers, try and figure out the mystery - meet WKTV's very own Kristen Copeland!
You'll get to also go to places in the Theatre that most people never get to see - it's very cool!
April 23 and 24th - tickets are $30.00 a piece at the Stanley Theatre - or go to

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring... is springing

The trees outside my house are budding like crazy, my grass needs to be cut, the lilies are all popping out of the ground, the rhubarb is growing fast...and it is COLD out! We went from 80 on Thursday to 40 yesterday and cold enough last night that it was snowing. Granted it didn't stick, but it was snowing. I was up north with RB yesterday and the snow was coming down fast and furious on the way back. Gotta love NY! Wait 15 minutes and the weather will change.

On another note...The Murder Mystery is in two weeks! I'm looking forward to it! Kelly and I are working on the program today! It's going to be the biggest EVER! The volunteers have done a phenomenal job of getting advertisements. And in case you haven't heard - WKTV's Kristen Copeland is in the Murder Mystery as well! Oh what fun we are going to have with her!

And ....another quick note...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY!!!!! I hope that you have a wonderful day, full of love, laughter, hugs and special friends!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Little Falls - 40.46 miles

Okay - I'm officially exhausted. I've only hit a headwind once before and it was brutal - 20 miles of headwind on the return trip is too much. Plus trail mix just doesn't cut it when my body is screaming "I'm hungry!" Thank goodness I had Easter dinner waiting for me! And I was late! But I did call. Never expected that I would be fighting as hard as I was to get home. The 20 miles to Canajoharie was a piece of cake - seriously. I was averaging 12.5 mph - and I just didn't even think of the tailwind. LOL - that was my mistake. Every time I got to a place I'd look at my odometer and say - "I can make it to the next spot" LOL - I need my head examined. Canajoharie is a big deal for me - it took me months of riding to get there last getting that far on my second ride of the season was awesome to me!
Not sure when my next ride will happen. The Murder Mystery is getting here and we need to practice!
I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter! God is good!

Mindenville 31 miles down

I'm beat! But it is stunning out here and worth it!

Canajoharie 20.25 miles

Woo hoo!

Fort Plain 16 miles down!

11 miles

Minden - St Johnsville is 1/4 mile to the north! I'm moving right along!

6 miles so far

Gorgeous sunrise absolutely wonderful out here!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I went to my favorite place today....the place where I am always treated like a dear friend and come out looking like I've been pampered and primped! Arthur Nole Systems in Hair - Art and Donna Nole - they are the absolute best! Hands down! Art rescued me about 3 years ago from the absolute worst hair cut I've ever had. The woman who cut it razored it and I had clumps missing in places, it was awful and I felt awful. Of course Art had to cut a lot of it to get it cleaned up - but what a difference! I've been going to him since - and now with my longer hair there is more time between cuts, but I still feel like I'm welcomed as if I was there yesterday. Donna does my color. Back in 2008 (we just discussed this it's not that I actually remember) I wanted dark hair and that is what I got. I was tired of fighting my ever darkening roots, fighting the fact that I was born blond but my hair was turning dark (and GASP! gray) on me! So I went dark. Well that lasted all of a year because my mom told me that she really wanted me to go blond again...LOL I decided to get highlights - nice bright blond ones. My hair is significantly longer than it has been in years - so I figured between that and the wavy curls I'd go for the blond streaks and we'd see. It turned out really great!
Now - I'm bad about keeping up with my hair color. So - I used store bought color to keep my roots in check for the last 9 months - alas - I just couldn't do it anymore. Plus who doesn't want to go to a place where you are treated so well! So after Einstein has his doctors appointment (he has a clean bill of health!) - I went and got pampered. And I went seriously blond - no streaks here - just flat out blond. And the sun has been so strong that I already have color and it just fits!
Art and Donna, you are the best! If you want to be pampered and treated well - go to Arthur Nole Systems in Hair - it's at 1926 Genesee Street in Utica.


The Cooperstown area was awesome yesterday. The temperature hit 86 degrees, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. We hit all the places we had discussed and found some roads I didn't even know existed (those are the best kind). The Fly Creek Cider Mill was open! I think it was the first or second weekend, there was grazing to be had (by grazing I mean that they have samples out - a LOT of samples). It's a great way to know if you will like something or not. We bought some yummy stuff! We then went out and fed some of the birds. They have a turkey, some geese, ducks, chickens, guinea hens - and as soon as you buy food they come running! And I have to say that Turkeys are not an attractive bird...
The Cooperstown Diner does indeed have the biggest burgers! One pound and cooked to perfection! No frozen patty there! I had the 'junior' burger - let me tell you that it was big too! But so good! There are only four tables and 9 chairs at the counter...and it was busy.
After we left the diner we walked down Main Street and then down one of the side streets to the lake. We sat on a bench and just reveled in the warmth, the view and the quiet (except for the occasional car). We walked down to the waterfront motel - trying to avoid the mud and water - the lake is pretty darned high.
And after we hit the other side of Main street we headed to Ommegang Brewery - Yum! The beer is fantastic. All Belgian style brews. The 3 Philosophers has a wonderful taste - and then you put a piece of dark chocolate in your mouth, savor it and take another taste of the beer and it's even more flavorful. Hint of cherry comes out and it's so smooth. The Witte, Hennepin, BPA, Rare Vos were all wonderful.
All that being said - Adventure day was awesome - the company even better... and I can't wait for our next adventure!