Monday, October 13, 2008

A funny thing happened...

On Saturday afternoon - around 5, I decided that I would rife my bike to Joann's to buy some fabric that I needed for some projects. I was up at the corner of my street and Sunset Ave when I saw something in the road. It looked kind of shiny - I though glass, but it didn't look right. When I rode over it I realized it was change. Nickels, Dimes and Pennies (Oh My!) and there was a lot of it. I pulled my bike over, parked it, and started picking up some of the change. There were quite a few cars so it was kind of funny to be darting out to get this change and darting back to the curb. I was just about ready to give up - I'd only picked up about 20 cents - when this gentleman walking by asked me if that was money. I laughed, I said "yeah, and I can only imagine what it's doing here". He started picking up change too, it was easier with two lunatics in the street - cars were now slowing down for us. Then the man said that he would have to include this in his column, that was when I realized it was Joe Kelly. He is well known around here - he had a column in the OD forever. I used to love reading it, now he has a tv show on one of the local stations. He also wondered out loud if there were any cameras.

So Joe Kelly kept his change - and I kept mine. I can only imagine the story behind it. A child threw it out the window to make mom or dad mad? Or a couple driving down the road was arguing and the change was the "so there" moment of the argument. I don't know - but it was funny. The picture above is what I picked up.
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