Thursday, February 5, 2009


My mom just spent 3 days at Buffalo Women's and Children's hospital. They did an EEG for her entire stay - they use glue - not easy to get out of thick long hair.

But - here is the answer - finally.

Mom has epilepsy - most likely caused by TIA's, Strokes, IVP Dye, and Coils placed in aneurysm, the brain can just handle so much damage. But she also has anxiety attacks - which seem so much more scary. But now that we know, it is like mom is a new person. She is dealing with it all pretty well and seems happier.

So, now that we have anwers, life is going on. I am going to try and make camping plans ahead of time (instead of last minute). And Valentines day is going to be a fun day of making others smile with declarations of "Happy Valentines Day!"
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