Saturday, December 10, 2011

Back on track

It's still bugging me that I don't have a job yet, but I can't change how companys' do their HR stuff - so instead I will keep sending out my resume and cover letters and seeing how much my RB and friends care about me with the phone calls and emails about jobs out's so wonderful to feel that caring!

I've been sewing up a storm! LOL - I will post pictures after Christmas - don't want to give away any presents! But I've learned a new thing called Quilt as You Go - WOW! it's fast and easy and I can make 4 placemats with 5-7 pieces of material in a few hours from start to finish! And they are so much fun. Of course I can't seem to get the sizes all identical - but then again if they were identical it wouldn't be as much fun! I'm also knitting dish clothes...those are fun too - if I can remember to pay attention to my counting.

Well - I've made pecan sandies aka nut balls this morning - nut cups and chocolate covered cherry cookies are next on the list. YUM! But have to go work on a project that is for a very special man in my's a doozie!

Merry Christmas,
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