Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Season

I'll admit that I was dreading the holidays this year. Thanksgiving used to be one of my Mom's favorite holidays but her sister passed away right after Thanksgiving about 15 years ago and then my grandmother did and it's just been a rough time of year. So this year with my Mom gone I just didn't know what to expect. Thanksgiving turned out to be quite nice. Had dinner at my brother, Dan's house, with his wife and kids and my younger brother, Doug, was there with his wife and one of their kids. Dan's in-laws were there too. I made Mom's stuffing (to the letter - I could feel her presence), I also made 2 apple pies as well like mom used to make. It was a good day and it felt good to be with everyone. Gracie even made an appearance and got to play with all of the kids and get petted, scratched and run like a lunatic. She loves people.

So after getting through that I decided I could handle decorating my house. Mom was with me the whole time - I had Kenny G's Christmas music on and just hummed or sang along with his awesome sax playing, cleaned the house as well! And yesterday I had a small party here and worked on cleaning up last minute stuff as well as getting food ready - what a wonderful day. I was smiling ear to ear all day - by myself without a care in the world.

A lot of this has to do with RB too. He's such a rock in my crazy, stressed world and I love him for it. He makes me laugh, think (and rethink), and feel so loved and cared for! That means the world to me.

So....Merry Christmas! May God give you what you need to make this season special and meaningful and not stressful.
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