Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It's been a hectic few weeks - as I am sure all of you have been dealing with as well. Since my Mom can't drive anymore and for the most part is house bound, I've been doing all of the shopping and running. It's not a bad thing, I've learned to really make the most of my time. But it's really hard on my Mom, she's been so independent and so gung-ho her whole life and now to depend on me (and others) , it's very hard for her, but we are making it work.

This Christmas was very nice - we went to my brothers house this morning and watched my niece and nephews open their presents so fast that they couldn't believe that that was "ALL" they got. LOL - I remember those days. But I think that they all enjoyed their presents and their day. Then later in the day my brother, wife and kids came over here to open their presents from Mom and I - I think that they liked them alot. I made clocks for the kids - all of them...

Football clock for Chad - the blue and red are for the NY Giants.

Tinkerbell Clock for Kaylie - I used a scrap book kit to make it.

Baseball for Kody - I actually had to make the baseballs for the numbers.

I made two other clocks as well - one was also football - but with a leather pattern paper and cool stickers. The other was WWE Wrestling for Zach - that one made me sweat. I bought a WWE Magazine and cut stuff out of it and created the clock face out of it. Not easy - but I think that he liked it. I have to get pictures of those two!

This Christmas has been a blessed one in so many ways. I've realized how truly blessed I am to know the people that I do and to have had them come into my life. Utica is way more than just a place to live to me. It's my HOME! Because I lived in so many different places I never would feel comfortable saying what my home town was - well I have the answer now - it's Utica. And unlike that man from Queens who won't accept the opening Senate seat being vacated by Hilary(ous) Clinton because he doesn't "Do Utica" - I do Utica - I live here, I appreciate it here, I love the people here and I'm staying here.

Merry Christmas all and I hope that you also had a blessed, safe and wonderful Christmas.

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