Sunday, August 23, 2009

I did it!

Longest ride (40 miles) yet for me and the only problem I seemed to have today was that my bum got very sore the last couple of miles. But my legs held out very well - as did my three bottles of water - I only had a sip left when I got back to my car. I bought a bag that goes around my waist that holds two water bottles in insulated pockets - with a good size compartment between them. I was able to put my map book, all my tire changing stuff, granola bars and shok bloks in there, with room to spare.

It was a beautiful day, I enjoyed all of it! At one point on the way back I saw tracks on the path - I realized they were deer tracks and they looked very fresh. LOL - they were - the deer was about 40 feet ahead of me running like crazy! Chipmunks were fewer this time, but I did see a HUGE gopher. And lots of birds.

Now on to 50 miles!
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