Friday, August 7, 2009

Fight Like Susan

I wrote before about Fatcyclist - Elden and how he is using his blog to raise money for cancer. His wife Susan passed away on August 5 at 7:25pm. The day she died Elden had posted a 'contest' to get more donations for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I've never seen anything like it. The contest definitely pushed up the totals in his fundraising efforts but since Tuesday he's raised close to $50,000. That's incredible. Everyone seems to want to 'Fight like Susan' against cancer and Elden has made it very personal with all of his stories about Susan.

So - Please, check out his website linked above. Don't forget the tissues - the last few weeks have been rough. If that's too much, just watch his riding videos - good music and a lot of fun to watch- almost rollercoaster quality. But consider giving - even just $5.00 - at this time it puts you in the running for a really cool bike - ( a really cool $9000 bike). I know a lot of people in this area that are fighting cancer or have fought and won - so please consider it. Elden and his teams are over the $500,000 dollare mark so far - and that is just awesome!

Fight Like Susan!
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