Sunday, September 6, 2009

Little Nose *Updated

I'll have to add more to this post later. But look near the top of the
white cliff, do you see it? Unbelievable.

When you are driving on 5, 5S or the Thruway it is impossible not to see the "Noses" Big Nose and Little Nose, I did take a picture of it between Canajoharie and Sprakers, but the iPhone just didn't do it justice. So - I went searching on the Internet to find a good picture of the Noses and for a little bit of history. I found a great site - where a man and his daughter actually climbed both noses and share it in story and images. It's pretty cool - and makes me want to find someone to go climbing up there. I know exactly where they started out to climb Little Nose. Not sure about Big Nose though.
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