Saturday, September 19, 2009


Elial Glen and LuLu Weir were my Mom's Grandparents on her father's side, they had 9 sons and 3 daughters: Kenneth Langsford (Doc), Ruben, Dorrance (Haunch), Keith Douglas (Douglas), Dannie James (Boone - My Grandfather), Elial Glen Jr. (Hi) , Carl Jackson (Carl) , Donald Elias (Don), Les (Tad), Doris, Violet (Buster) and Helen.

Okay - that was a lot wasn't it? I've always loved the stories that my mom used to tell me about my grandfather and his brothers. All of the boys, except Tad, served in the Armed Forces during WWII at the same time. In fact Haunch said that it was where the nickname Tad came from - he was too young - just a Tadpole to serve. My grandfather was Dannie "Boone" - he was killed in a car accident in May of 1963. My mom turned 16 later that summer. My grandfather and I share the same birthday. I tend to grasp at straws - to find connections in the smallest of things.

If anyone out there knows anything about the Weir's in Cooperstown, "Cat Town", Oaksville or Fly Creek, it would be wonderful to hear about them.

Anyway - the reason I started thinking about all of this (again - for the 90th time) is that mom and I went to Cat Town on Oaks Creek to see how my great grandfather's barn was faring. My mom just set me straight - he didn't build this barn but he lived on this property and it was his barn as well as the house in front of it. I don't take pictures of the house only because people live there. I've put pictures on here before from previous visits - but bear with me, I have more.

This barn always amazes me as it's held up at that corner by a pile of rocks - it's the lower left corner when you look at the picture. A couple of years ago when they had the floods so bad - you could only see that pile of stone and water under the barn. I believe one of my second-third or shirtail cousins owns the property.

This was just a pretty shot of some of the leaves changing colors on Oaks Creek.

This is a shot of the backside of the barn - it's starting to sag. But it's a beautiful barn. I'm guesstimating that it's about 70 years old.

I just loved how this tree looked and how the 'crick' reflects it and the other plants.
It was a beautiful day - we went to Hartwick Cemetary in Hartwick Seminary, my grandfather, great uncle Ruben, great-grandfather Elial and great-grandmother LuLu are buried there and I believe that there are some other family members there as well.

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