Saturday, October 17, 2009

WIBX 950

This is our local AM station that does news, weather and talk radio. Rush, Glenn Beck, Lars Larson, etc. I listen to it a lot. Yes, I am conservative - but that aside, I actually called in today and spoke to Representative Dave Townsend. I've always wanted to call in to a talk show - but never had the time - or the nerve. But I had the time today, he was looking for calls and something he said just struck a chord.

When you buy gas from the Oneida Indian Nation- your receipt shows that you paid tax. Well - you did, but not to NY - it's a 'tax' for the OIN. That's fine - but it will come and bite you in the butt sooner or later. NY State passed a law earlier this year, or last year, saying that the OIN had to pay NYS tax. They don't and no one is going after them to get it. NY State Tax department isn't going after them, they are going after the customers. Rep. Townsend shared a story about a local business man that now owes the NYS $24,000.00+ in taxes for all the gas purchased for his company from the OIN. What I didn't understand at first was that the taxes that the OIN collect aren't for NYS and figured that NYS was double dipping - and choosing New York Residents to go after (because we are easier targets AND we don't have the money and lawyers that the OIN has). Rep. Townsend explained that the 'tax' that the OIN charges is for them not to pay what they owe NYS.

So if you think that you are putting one over on NYS and buy gas at the OIN or Savon gas stations, beware. That $0.60 cents that the OIN charges you for 'tax' could be doubled if NYS Tad Department catches up with you. Do yourself a favor and save yourself a headache and buy local.

About Rep. Townsend - I appreciated the way he spoke. He's calm, intelligent and collected that is a good thing to hear in a politician these days.
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