Saturday, January 9, 2010

January **updated

I've been dreaming about bicycling. I want to be on the canal trail, but I simply don't have what Jill Homer has, at least not yet. So I have decided that I'm going to try using a trainer - specifically a Graber MAG Trainer - in my living room. I really want to go on 100 + mile rides this spring and summer and honestly by the time I work on the much needed butt callouses the season is winding down. So, in comes the trainer - I'm putting it together tomorrow and bringing in my bike (without getting the tires in the snow - that should be fun) and riding as long as I can - every day. I did think about getting rollers - but honestly - I'd like to not crash my bike in my own house. **UPDATE - not happy with the trainer - it's missing a very important bolt and L shaped hex key - come on!!!! - I have to call them and see what I can do now.

The next step is getting a computer to hook up to my rear tire so that I can track my mileage - my computer now is hooked up on the front wheel and of course since that won't be moving I won't have a clue as to how far I've gone. And I figure I'll get to watch a lot of movies this way and I won't be bothering anyone by having a bicycle in my living room.

I think that I now have someone (Katie - and little does she know what she is in for with me) to hike and possibly snowshoe with. Of course we are both newbies - but I do have GPS and an iPhone so I (hopefully) won't get lost. I just have to figure out some good beginners trails in the area. Any ideas?

Happy riding - and think Spring!
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