Monday, July 5, 2010


I've been working a lot lately and haven't really gotten to spend time at RB's camp. Well we enjoyed it yesterday and today. It's really warm here - 90's all week from what the weather reports are saying and RB has a creek behind his camp - like 30 feet from his door. We took plastic Adirondack chairs and sat in the creek - What a fantastic way to cool off! We made a little trip up the creek walking over and around rocks and tree limbs. I got way more sun than I thought only because the water keeps you so cool - it was in the sixties.

Our original plan was to cook hotdogs over the fire, but RB had the brilliant idea to go to a local landmark, The Buffalo Head Restaurant - it's been around for decades - actually it's older than me! We both had fantastic steaks, shared a shrimp cocktail and just enjoyed the food and atmosphere. We went back to camp, RB got the fire going again and I had a couple of marshmallows - burnt - not toasted, thank you very much.

We crashed early - the water had really cooled us off and so much fresh air really knocked me out. We had coffee and hotdogs for breakfast this morning! It was fantastic - we went for a short walk down the road and just as we hit the end of his driveway I heard something crashing in the woods - thinking it was a deer. No - it wasn't - it was a bear!
I was zoomed in all the way to get this picture - he was probably about 40 feet away. And thank goodness, he was not interested in us at all. 

Here is a shot of RB's creek area - it goes from a few inches deep to over my head in places - for the most part it was about 2-3 feet deep. Then there were the minnows - that kept nibbling at us - it's funny feeling and then it gets annoying to have these fish nipping at us. 

There is foam on the creek because about 50 feet upstream there are lots of rocks and the water rushes over it. It's a little slice of heaven here. RB's camp was built by him and his friends - it still needs work, but it has great bones. I look forward to spending more time there with him.
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