Friday, November 5, 2010

Henry and Einstein

I'm a cat lover - in case you haven't figured that out yet.

I have two of them Einstein (7 years old) and Henry (1 year old). Einstein brought Henry home this spring and Henry decided after a couple of weeks and some good food on a regular basis that he would stay. I took him to the vet and had him checked out - he's a handsome little lad with an amazing ability to do some stupid things and yet make me laugh every time.  Einstein was about two when I adopted him and his brother Jefferson from a family that was moving to Arkansas and couldn't take them. Jeffy was incredibly friendly and trusting and must have been picked up by someone or hurt - I never found him as much as I tried.

And - something to note - Jeffy and Einstein were indoor cats before they came to me (supposedly). They were houdinis when it came to getting out of the house - especially Einstein. We put new windows in all the rooms of the house one summer - and I noticed a couple of times when I came home from work that Einstein was waiting for me outside. When I know darned well he was on my bed sleeping when I left that morning. Well the new window screen in my room wasn't quite installed correctly and Einstein realized that if he pushed he could slide between the screen and house and get on the roof of the back hall. From there he would go to the pergola and then climb down the lilac. My Einstein isn't a dummy. He knows that if he gets on that back roof and meows it will wake me up and I'll let him in!

In the spring Einstein got a horrid abscess and it was good I got him to the vet when I did. He was one sick kitty. Well I now check him and Henry often to make sure they don't have any wounds or swelling because they do scrap with other animals - a lot, especially Hankster the Gangster! Well - Henry came in on Sunday with some swelling, but I found the wound - did hot wet compresses, cleaned it up and kept an eye on him. No fever and his appetite was fantastic. But Wednesday night he came home and he was so swollen he looked awful! I was able to (sorry in advance) drain the abscess - YUCK - put hot compresses on it and get the wound very clean. I kept him in and then brought him to the vet on Thursday morning. The vet even said I did a good job - gave me some antibiotics and we'll go back in two weeks to make sure Henry is in tip top shape.

I kept Henry in the house for 36 hours - LOL - not good if you want to get sleep! He attacked my feet, chewed on my hands, jumped on and off the bed, and made his purr noise and meowed. He was saying -  "I feel good - let me out now!!!" So I did - he came back in at lunch and looks like a million dollars - the swelling is gone and he is a happy camper.

Cats are funny - I'm not their owner - I'm their servant. My focus must be on them when they want it and "shoooo" away if they don't. Funny little guys that they are.

So that's enough about the beasties...but I wanted to share my 'kids' with you!
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