Monday, November 15, 2010

Kitty update

Both cats are in fine health and full of 'piss and vinegar' as my mom used to say about us. They are funny little guys. Well not so little anymore - Henry is getting a belly on him - all that fine food pouring I'm doing these days. :)

I worked all weekend at the second job - 8 hours on Saturday and 6 last night. I'm a tired puppy. But the good thing is I slept last night - soundly and wonderfully. Saturday night was a different story - I was so tired that I crashed at 8:15 - couldn't stay awake anymore - I was cold and tired. So I woke up at midnight and was able to go back to sleep - woke up at 1:15 and it had to be three before I fell back to sleep. I even took a benedryl - guaranteed to make me pass out, but to no avail. And even when I did go back to sleep I was in a half awake, mind rolling over everything under the sun - not a good place to be at times. I got up at 8 and I looked like I'd not slept in a week. I didn't do much yesterday - took a nap that was much like my sleepless night. And then worked from 5-1030 - it was a good thing - I tired myself out and slept much better.

So enough of that saga!

My mom has cancer in her lung again. This time she is getting radiation and today the chemo starts. Please pray for her and keep her in your thoughts. She is so strong and so committed to winning this, but I know that the chemo especially is going to test her strength and endurance. The good thing is that I saw her about a month ago and my brothers were both with her this weekend - it was good for her to see the older one as he lives up here too.

Well - I have to get back to work and save the world - one computer at a time from viruses and user error! :)
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