Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall is here!

Of course you wouldn't know it by the weather yesterday. 81 degrees! Wow! But it did get me outside after work and I mowed, weed whacked and trimmed the bushes out front. I'm having an open house on Sunday and want things to look nice so this is a step in the right direction. Of course the week is going to go progressively down hill and become rainy and cooler - but it's okay I like fall and the leaves are starting to turn already.

My neighbor (really the only house that is side by side with me) just got all new windows in her house. It's part of a local assistance program to help weatherize some of the older homes. Her old windows were very leaky and I had tried to help with plastic but it just wasn't doing the job - so thanks to the Mohawk Valley Community Action Center, she has new windows and new doors. And this is the best part for her - she can open her windows and get fresh air all of the time, before she could only open her bedroom windows in the front of the house. But here is the funny part. I was in my living room (farthest from her house) and I hear "Michelle, Can you hear me?" - it was my neighbor yelling from her dining room window that looks into my kitchen (our houses are a mere 15 feet apart - maybe). She was just curious if I would be able to hear her if she called - we don't need a phone anymore! lol

My brother is in from Texas - we'll have dinner tonight or Thursday night with RB. Pretty cool. My other brother is turning the BIG 40! I wonder how he's handling it? My birthday is soon and I'll be 44 - I'm not at all impressed with that number.

I have some pictures to upload soon. They are of Otter Lake this past summer - really nice - early morning pics. Fog on the lake - shadows and sun - peaceful.
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