Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Roller Coaster

That's what I feel like I'm riding these days! Awesome highs - having a wonderful man like RB in my life, great friends like KS, MC, BP. A fantastic birthday that took a few days to celebrate - and wonderful heartfelt gifts! Picture of me and KS and EdnaMom - makes me tear up thinking about it... but I love it! Album from MC of our fun adventures at Disney - also made me tear up! Can't wait to go again! The beautiful necklace and orchid that were waiting for me when I got home on my birthday. And the huge surprise of a sewing machine! The fun I'm going to have with that one.

Then there are the lows - the stressors...
NYS sending out pink slips for the second time in 4 months - the ongoing talks with the governor and yet no one in our local area is discussing it. Have to go online to Albany, Ithaca, anywhere but upstate where hundreds of people are losing their jobs on the 19th.

Getting rear-ended by a young man 'eating' he says - (me thinks he was texting). My car is 'fixed' but doesn't feel the same. I'm jumpy when I drive and am constantly looking for someone to hit me again, not paying attention to driving. The paper work that has to be done - some of it 3 days late which means I could have my license suspended - and I was sent the paper work 2 days before it was due, on a weekend. Never heard of such a thing. And then there is the neck, shoulder pain and headaches - and to go along with that is the lovely tingly thumb on my right hand. all adds up and normally I'd be better equipped to deal but for some reason I've realized that as much as I love Autumn it is a stressful time for me.

And of course work isn't helping. Clients throwing me under the bus. Lying to my boss. My notes from the visits to their office back me up, but it's still bothersome. Not getting assistance from my co-workers. And the worst part is one of my co-workers left and is now at another job - I miss him! He and I had good conversations - he was aware of the crap that happens around here and he stood up to the plate when it came to work. So there is a hole here. There are a lot of stressors here - many of my own making, I will admit. I care about things being done here in a timely manner, phones getting answered, emails being answered, people being on time - but I have to remember the serenity prayer - there is nothing I can do about it so I have to let it go.

On the good side - I'm picking up thread tonight so I can start playing with my new sewing machine. I've got big plans!

I'm hoping this roller coaster ends on a high note!

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