Thursday, April 19, 2012

A list...

So many things going on! It's a good thing, but it means that I'm a little scattered and a lot of thoughts.
  • Heading to California for a visit with my best friend from high school. Disneyland and a bike ride are on the agenda as well as dinner with her and friends of hers that I've met before! Exciting!
  • Possibly a second trip to California for a conference. THNC - Tribal Health NextGen Consortium. Could be a huge learning experience and I really hope that I can go. 
  • Camping - of course - what would summer be without some trips to the north country and Stillwater Reservoir.
  • Working with RB to get his second floor back in shape! LOL - it will take some work it's down to the studs and it's one big room that will hopefully be a bathroom and laundry room when it's done. Exciting! A blank slate!
  • Bike riding! 6 weeks before the 40 mile Tour de Cure - and it's sad, but haven't been on my bike yet. Weather on the weekends and just plain not thinking about it when I should be.
  • Work  - sorry it's on my mind! I've got a lot of data scrubbing to do - and I have to do it in an archaic system that is difficult at best.
  • Bus Announcements! LOL - where I work they have bus announcements for the employees to get the news of what is going on - a person gets a chance to record the announcements for an entire week. Well - on my second day in orientation I said that I wanted to do it. And now I get my chance! 
  • The garden! RB and I planted seeds on Saturday and had growth on Sunday! Holy cow! they are growing so fast - we planted a lot! and it's too cold to put it out yet - so it will be moved to pots and then to the ground in mid to late may! 
  • And of course the most important thing is spending time with my RB! That's the best thing out there. The adventures and excitement - even in the mundane and messy stuff!
Just a few things that are going on!
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