Monday, September 29, 2008

DMV Miracle

I received my notification in the mail about 2 months ago that I had to renew my license. For whatever reason I postponed this until today - which meant that I had to go to the DMV because my license expires on Sunday. So - with dread in my heart - I left work at 11:30 figuring that I would be at the DMV till 2:00 - waiting in line after endless line. I was back in my office at 12:15 - in shock and holding my interim license. 

Is this a joke? No... Is it April fools day? No.... For whatever reason they have a way of lining people up and moving things along that works at the Utica DMV. This is twice now that I've been able to take care of stuff without wasting a few hours. I was able to do this on my lunch hour... can go enjoy the history of the Utica Train Station and get your stuff done at the DMV pretty quickly.... phew!

Of course the pictures still stink! :)
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