Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mom update

Mom is coming home today. It's a little scary as she still tires out tremendously, but she has the tools and knowledge to get stronger. She had an appointment with Dr. Wassel, he's the only nephrologist (kidney specialist) that specializes in hypertension - in my mom's case lately it's hypo-tension. He ordered blood tests and will most likely be doing a catheterization of her renal arteries and maybe placing stents, he believes that she may have blockages in one or both of the arteries. We'll see.

As for the nightmare with the insurance - we're still fighting. I filed a complaint against mom's insurance company last week and lo and behold yesterday got a real letter from her insurance company instead of these stupid messages that they leave everywhere but with me and mom. I have to keep hounding them though because mom is getting a bill for her time at the home from 8/28 to today. Granted they are only charging her the negotiated rate - but we're talking a lot of money. I just pray that something get's straightened out and that she'll get her money back.

That's it for now, I'm going to read the OD and see what's happening in the Mohawk Valley!
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