Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7 != SNOW!

For those who don't do java, c++, PHP - != means not equal.

It's April 7 - it should be raining or sunshiny - not snowy. Of course my mom loves to remind me that it has been known to snow in May! Well - I am here now and now I want it to stop snowing. It's been going all day - but now (I just looked out the window) the bloody stuff is sticking.

Elden had a post last week showing a picture of snow out his window - wondering when he was ever going to get to ride his new bike.

And Ree was talking about the whopper storm that was heading their way last week ( I tried to find the exact post but couldn't). But check out her site! She is all around everything.

I know that spring is here - and winter is just trying to hang on a little more. It's just got me in a funk....
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