Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Synopsis on Camping

I did have a good time camping - for the most part. And no it wasn't the rain or mud that bothered me. I've found that I am offended by people's lack of respect for others space. I had two neighbors - the neighbor to the right of me was just like me. Quiet, relaxed, just wanting to enjoy the time away and with nature. I never even spoke to him or his wife, I did speak with his father and daughter though for a few minutes.
The neighbor to the left - another story all together. Walked through my campsite at all hours of night and day - in front of and behind my tent - when I was asleep - waking me up and scaring the tar out of me. The generator after 9:00 pm when it wasn't supposed to be on. The very loud music that could be heard all over the campground and to the lake even. He had bass boost on too - so even if you couldn't hear the music, you could hear the loud thump. At one point I thought that Jerry Springer must be next door because of the 'F' this and 'F' that. It makes me want to rent 3 spots next year and use the center one for myself.

But all that being said - I met some very nice people. A family from Long Island - on a 5 week vacation with their two boys. Mike and Lynn were very friendly and had a great dog named Socks.
Then there was the family that stayed where I had been last year - don't know their names, but the mom and I talked for awhile. I am pretty sure that she has been fighting cancer as she had the 'chemo' puffiness and no hair. She had a beautiful smile and eyes that lit up when she talked about all that they had done.
And of course the lady at the concession stand - working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. Her prices were more than fair and the portions were huge!
Then there was the family down from me that rescued and hung up my towel for me, I had left for hiking and they found my towel in the road - it was really windy!
And of course all of the people that I met when I was out and about - Taughannock Falls, Watkins Glen, Captain Bills Cruises, Monteczuma Winery - etc...

I tried to even out this post with what makes me cranky and those things that make me smile. It was a good time - but I am going to try and get a spot in the 5 regular loops - they are quieter from what I understand.
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