Friday, July 31, 2009

The rain is....gone?

Is that brightness I see? are the raindrops gone?

Yesterday was a glorious, blue sky, bright sun day and then at 3am this morning thunder woke everyone up and it started to pour! This is the first time all day that I've not seen it at least sprinkle.

Maybe I can cook the hamburgers outside after all???? With my garage gone I can't stand under the door and cook regardless of the weather and while the new shed is awesome - it doesn't have an awning - *note to self - build a place to cook regardless of snow, sleet, and rain!

So tonight Bren & Shell and their families are coming over for dinner.... hamburgers, packet potatoes (thanks PW), chocolate passion bowl (thanks Kraft) and Pomegranate Blueberry Margaritas (thanks Tastefully Simple). So if the rain holds off - the burgers will be cooked on charcoal and all will be good! Otherwise they just aren't as good on the stove!

Tomorrow we're going Blueberry picking! Yum!

And Saturday is an adventure - heading east!
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