Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm thankful for...

my mom
my brothers
my niece and nephews
my cat, Einstein
Utica Firefighters and EMS
Kunkel EMS
St. Lukes ER
The wonderful people who have stopped to hold my mom's hand, call 911 and take care of her.
My wonderful friends - Brenda, Shelly, Melanie, Kelly, Abeer, Deb, Jim, Shibu, and so many more that their names escape my brains...
Utica PD
my neighbors - Toni, Curtis, Kelly, Leah, Tony & Connie, and Ann
my FB friends - it's weird - so many I haven't seen in decades - but yet we still connect...
my health, my love of biking
my belief in God

And I'm thankful to be alive...
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