Sunday, February 21, 2010


My boss asked me to be 'Captain' of our heart walk team this year - the sad thing is that it's just the two of us participating. I can't seem to push my co-workers to participate - but I'll try to get their money. But I'm making it a point to push myself. I've signed up for the five mile walk - and to make sure that I could do it, I walked 4.8 today and other than being cold I did okay. So - if you would like to donate to help me out - the site is Utica's Greatest Heart Run and Walk.

Another thing that I'm doing is signing up for bike rides. I've done the Tour de Cure before - that is a heck of a story. I hadn't been on a bike in more than a year, signed up for the Tour de Cure 15 mile ride and somehow managed to make it - on a mountain bike - whining the whole way. This year I've been riding my bike in the house and staying more in shape than I had been back then, so I signed up for the 40 mile ride. The Tour de Cure is for Diabetes research and education and I'm asking for donations for that as well.

There is also a ride on the canal trail from July 11-18th - starts in Buffalo and ends in Albany. I don't think I'll make it this year but what an awesome ride! They also have shorter versions on the beginning and ending weekends, I may be able to do the second weekend.

If there are any local rides out there that you may have heard of let me know, please? And I'll be checking out - (thanks Mel) where there are all kinds of rides, runs, walks, etc taking place in the US.
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