Saturday, February 27, 2010

Be careful what you wish for!

Yes - I wanted one big snow storm.
Yes - we got one! About 20 inches here, I would guess.
Yes - my snow blower worked and worked and worked, but nothing could prepare me for the pile of snow at the end of my driveway yesterday. It was about 3 feet high, 3 feet deep and worse at the edges. And heavy, very, very heavy.
Yes - I ache from head to toe. There was enough snow that on Thursday I shoveled in the morning quick - just a couple of inches. At 5 on Thursday night (about 8 inches) I got the snow blower out and ran that until it was out of gas, thank goodness I didn't have much more left so I just finished up with shoveling. Then at about 8pm Thursday night I went back out to find about 5 inches of snow and just figured I would shovel as I didn't feel like putting gas in the snow blower. At 9:30 I was out cold.
Yes - I was late to work on Friday. At 5:50am I went outside to find another 6-7 inches of snow - I started shoveling but it was such a heavy, dense, wet snow that I couldn't do it. I went back inside and waited till 7:00am when the sun would be up and my neighbors wouldn't hate me to get my snow blower going. I was out for 70 minutes! I ran the snow blower from my house down past three of my neighbors and back again. Then I cleared my driveway (with my car in it and scratched my car with the snow blower ) - I would have put my car in the road, but it hadn't been plowed yet and I was afraid I'd never get it out if I did that. When I was done with all that I got ready for work, hopped in my car, made it up the street and got stuck. But thankfully I know all about rocking a car - reverse/drive/reverse/drive and just gunned it into the street praying I wouldn't hit anyone. I couldn't see because of the height of the snowbanks! I was lucky and made it to work after a bone jarring ride. The main roads were plowed but it was like the plow had stuttered as it tried to clear them so it was like riding over tons of railroad tracks.
Yes - I could have gotten a sunburn yesterday! It made it to 43 degrees and the sun was incredibly strong and bright! And then on the way home it started to snow again and I found the pile in my driveway that was insane!
Yes - I promise not to wish for anymore snow! :)~~~~~
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