Sunday, June 6, 2010

3:15 Hours

I did it! and not only did I make it the 40 miles - but I broke my fastest time by 45 minutes! WoW!!!

It was a heck of a ride - It was pouring when I woke up at 5:30 - so much so that I covered my head and slept till 6 and then talked to RB and realized that I had to get moving - that I was going to do this ride no matter what! On the way to Verona Beach there was a lull in the rain and I really thought that it was going to clear up - yeah - um NO! it poured when I got there. It poured in the first 40 minutes of the ride and then it got humid - but it was all good because it probably never got warmer than 65 degrees.

This ride had a lot of firsts for me. My canal ride is a wussy ride - I'll be honest. No hills - at least nothing that makes your lungs and heart feel like they are pounding out of your chest. This ride was hilly - but it forced me to face something that I hate - HILLS! But on the good side - I only walked up one -  and it was rather small but I did it because my hip was hurting - just walking those 40 feet made me right again and I pushed myself.

I got a wonderful surprise about 4 miles out - RB was waiting for me - He rode into Sylvan Beach and stayed there while I made my last mile fly. I was hitting 17mph on that little bit because I felt so good. Still can't believe how fast I went. Of course there wasn't any stone dust either for the trail - it was all pavement.

So thank you to all of you who donated and wished me luck! I really appreciate it. 62.5 miles next year!
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