Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Porch: Old and New

It's been about 3 years since we painted the posts and sides of the porch - in the green and white. We needed to do the deck and the skirting but frankly I'm too much of a pain about that stuff and figured that I would drive myself crazy trying to make it perfect - it wasn't going to happen. So I hired "Uncle Rick" to do it for me and he went way above and beyond what I thought was needed - it's a good thing because he got rid of a lot of rotting wood and frankly it's just better all the way around.

This is looking from the stairs to the east - the gray paint is in horrid condition. It really needs this paint job!

This is just after he removed all of the old wood underneath - I had cut the wegalia's back so that he could get in there so it's a drastic change. Usually the wegalia's hide everything - hence the moisture damage in there I am sure.

This picture shows how awful the boards are on the deck - also if you can tell - it shows the black railing that has been newly painted and looks beautiful. I took this picture at 10 at night after I got home from second job.

Rb and I drove out to see his mom yesterday and when we got home - the porch was painted...RED! It's not what I had in mind - we (my mom and I) picked out what we thought was a deep burgundy color - LOL - nope - it's more a Chianti color and bordering on FireTruck Red. Ah well - I'm ready for Christmas now.

In this picture you get the full effect! - the sun is really sparking up the color. Well - you certainly can't miss my house - I can just say it's the house with the red porch and pretty soon everyone in Utica will know which one it is!
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