Sunday, October 3, 2010

To all you messy shoppers!

Normally I'm not negative about people - I think the best of people to a fault. Working at the department store has given me another perspective. I seriously thought that teenagers would be an issue but quickly learned that while they are the silliest walking through they generally are pretty well behaved. Nope - it's women who believe that it's their right to go through all the racks - take off a pile of clothes and then start scattering them throughout the store. Or the woman the other night - in her 60's with her hubby or man friend, who went through all the folded sweaters and shirts - It took me 3 hours to get those back to rights There are about 60 feet of shelving times 5 (five shelves per unit). This giggling silly woman would pick up every single shirt and say "oooooh what about this one honey?" in a sickening little girl voice and then toss it back. I had to go back through after this woman left and fix almost every item on the top level as she was very consistent in her destruction. And....drum roll please....they were there for at least 1.5 hours and she bought nothing. The man didn't look happy.

I went in yesterday at 11 and the store had only been open for 3 hours - you couldn't even tell that I had folded the night before. I'm not saying that you should refold everything that you look at but don't toss it like a salad for dinner! LOL

It also amazes me the food, gum and drink containers that are left on the folding tables or display areas - there is a garbage can at every single register and we are happy to throw it away for you. And there is a huge garbage can just as you walk out the the mall.

The Christmas rush has already started and with it crabby people - but so far so good. I smile and greet everyone as though we've been acquaintances or better yet friends for years - it usually takes the crabby out of people pretty fast. Some of my co-workers have the ability to attract the crabbies - but we all get through it.

So try to think about all that folding and don't toss the shirt back in like it's garbage!

Thank you for reading my rant!
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