Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving and more

I've never been so busy or so blessed than I have been this year. With the economy the way it is, having two/almost 3 jobs that I really enjoy is a blessing.
A list of things that I'm thankful for:

  • my health has been good
  • life is good
  • RB is wonderful
  • I have two crazy loving orange tabby cats that make life interesting
  • my house is in decent shape
  • my hot water heater had a slight hiccup but thanks to RB's advice it's now happy again
  • my mom is getting through her Chemo and Radiation pretty well
  • my friends are so dear and loving
  • God is good and he listens!
  • Work is busy and I'm learning new stuff all the time
  • My other job is rewarding in an entirely different way because I've got closer contact to customers - I do like this part a lot, not as hard mentally as job 1 - but harder physically!
  • RB is my friend and so much more
  • Thanksgiving was about friends and family, the past memories but the good new memories
  • I met RB's cousin finally and really liked her - can't wait to spend time with her again. 
  • My mom and I talked quite a bit - hard being away from her, but thankful that she is still fighting the good fight. 
Life is very full and very fulfilling! Very much a pleasure to be living right now...
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