Monday, January 10, 2011

For KS

 I started writing this post last year - in fact almost a year ago. My friend's lovely mom passed away and poor K was hurting so bad... Edna Mom was such a wonderful lovely lady... She loved K so very much and her sons and grandkids and her pups... She loved to fish, go on adventures with K, crochet, spend time with her pups, watch K play Mario - and cheer her on or boo her when she did bad. Edna Mom was funny, went to the murder mysteries that K and I were in - laughed at our silliness. She was a sweetheart and my mom when my mother moved away, and even before that when my mom was sick and I needed a shoulder.

Below is what I wrote last year to K -

KS don't cry....well - go ahead but remember the good stuff. Your mom was a wonderful, funny, sweet, loving lady. I know she loved you so much and thought that you and I were trouble with a capitol T and loved our funny adventures and stories. I know you thought she listened to me more than you about stuff like the blood sugar tester - but I think she was just scared and needed more than one person to tell her the same thing.  Her adventure this fall with you was awesome - she had the time of her life - and loved every minute.

K - I love ya! and I'm thinking and praying for you and your brothers....

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