Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011!

It was a great way to welcome the New Year. RB and I went to his camp up north - no running water, solar electricity, and wood stove heat. All that means is that it's very quiet and peaceful. We went up on Thursday night - it was seriously cold at the camp when we got there but RB had it heated up in no time. That wood stove got it so warm up there that I slept without covers! Then he used the wood stove to bake two potatoes - in this neat pan that has a 'shelf' in it and a nice rounded top - those potatoes were fantastic. He had also made the best BBQ chicken I've ever had - nice and spicy and moist - he heated that up on the wood stove too. (There is a propane stove there but why waste a good wood fire?)

I taught him how to play War with a deck of cards - neither one of us could think a card game and we were waiting for it to warm up. I won - he won't play anymore! LOL

We ate our marvelous meal and then went for a walk in the dark - he has a new flashlight from his sister that lights up the world! It was so awesome. Then we crashed - it had been a long day.

We got up on Friday morning and it was gorgeous out! The sun was shining, the sky was blue and we watched many deer cross behind and in front of the camp. Big deer too! RB made coffee and we sat and drank while we contemplated what we would do. I made breakfast - scrambled eggs, potatoes, sausage and toast - with help of course - RB watched the potatoes and toast as we cooked them on the wood stove. It was pretty darned good if I say so myself!

We took a hike through the woods to another road that leads to the 'top' of the creek - I always say that but it's just where the creek is a series of small waterfalls coming down over rocks before it calms down in RB's neighborhood. We didn't make it to the trail that leads down the the falls - I wussed out on him, but it was a good walk - and our blue skies started to darken up and the sun was hiding. We got back to camp and I laid down - I think I'm still trying to catch up on my lost sleep before Christmas. RB worked on installing a propane furnace to test it - it works! He rearranged furniture and everything and I just crashed.

Later we went for a drive, then went to his friends camp to visit with them. When we got back we had a wonderful dinner of Filet Mignon and potatoes - it was a perfect amount - oh and shrimp and cocktail sauce to start it out! YUM! We decided to go for another walk - without benefit of flashlight this time and it was really neat - we ended up at the creek - sat on the bench and watched as the clouds moved northeast and the stars came out in all of their splendor. It was incredible we also saw a shooting star!
What a wonderful evening!

So that is how we celebrated the coming of the new year! I can't wait to do it again next year.
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