Friday, March 25, 2011

Special Day

Tomorrow - almost Today - and may be at the rate I'm going - the 26th of March is a very special day in my recent history.

I met RB a year ago on the 26th for the first time at the Tramontane Cafe in Utica. I was so excited, nervous, scared, ready to flee at any time and hide! But he was waiting for me in the parking lot - I knew who he was immediately, his picture didn't do him justice. He jumped out of his truck - sure of himself, comfortable with himself, no pretenses, no silliness - just RB. I was very glad in those first few minutes that I had decided to follow through with the meeting as he didn't give me the feeling that I didn't meet his expectations and that was a welcome thing. We sat at a small table after ordering our drinks - I think that I got a cookie or cake too - not sure - I was too happy to talk to this man, he listened, answered, talked, joked, and looked me in the eyes and he was just himself - it was a great first 'date'.

So tomorrow we celebrate that first date and the great year that followed and hopefully this will be the first of many.....

I love you RB!
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