Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is here!!!!!

I say that and of course they are predicting snow today - I just hope that they are wrong! Wrong I say! dead Wrong! NO MORE SNOW (please God?!?!?!)

Okay got that out of my system.

A List of things I would like to accomplish this spring:
1.) paint the living and dining rooms
2.) Clean up out back and roto-till a nice area for a garden
3.) cut down and trim back some trees in said back yard
4.) repaint the steps on front porch and create a better cover for them. The water dripping beat up the paint.
5.) wash all my outdoor furniture and set up an oasis on my front porch for Saturday and Sunday morning coffee
6.) dig out the stones in my pergola floor, dig up the dirt and level it out lower than the frame. Put down weed fabric, then put gravel and crushed granite in it for a floor. :)
7.) find inexpensive fabric to hang from back and sides of pergola for a romantic and less buggy experience.
8.) learn how to change front wheel bearings, sway bar links and maybe a muffler on my car.
9.) get my iPad2 and learn all of it's neat abilities.
10.) ride my bike outside and raise lots of money for the American Diabetes Association!
11.) clean up my basement
12.) clean up my attic
13.) have a huge garage sale and pay for the things that I want to do this summer with the proceeds!
14.) Enjoy all of the above and then some!!!!

I know that there is more to add to that list - but I think I'll stop now and formulate the next one - anyone got any ideas for me???
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