Thursday, August 18, 2011

My list

Well - I've given my notice at my 'second' job so that I can have more time for life, me, RB and my friends and family. But in doing so - I'm all the sudden more busy than before! LOL - it's a good thing - I'm spending time with more people and meeting new people and learning a lot.

So...the subject of this post - My List.

There are things that I want to try and accomplish in the next couple of months.

1.) Book more Tastefully Simple parties and see where that takes me. Also - tied to that is - put together a basket for the Walk from Obesity fundraiser on September 17 in Syracuse.

2.) Get my house cleaned up, spruced up, patched up, painted, and get the floors waxed. I can do all of this, just need to put my mind to it. :)

3.) Make and SEND Christmas cards this year. The make part isn't too hard - the SEND part is harder for me - I seem to have a mental lapse.

4.) Make and SEND Christmas gifts. This is hard - I usually take the approach that everyone needs something different, unique to them. Well - that's all fine and good, but it tends to make me stop dead in my tracks and not do anything. So - I'm going to think of a more generic gift for people - straight from my heart and my hands.

5.) Decorate for Christmas this year. The last few years my house has been very sparsely decorated - and this year I think that outside lights (just a few- not going crazy) and a nice sized tree in the house will be in order.

6.) Rearrange my Dining and Living rooms - which means flipping them - but that goes back to #2 - painting, waxing, patching, cleaning. :)

7.) Be there more for my friends and try to be a better friend to them.

That's it for now - maybe I'll be able to stick to it better!

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